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Hamlet told Ophelia, God has given you one face, and you make yourselves another. Hamlet is generalizing with this statement, insinuating that all women are two faced and will eventually betray their man. This shows how his mothers actions have made him fearful of Ophelia because of the potential for betrayal. It may well be that Hamlet is aware that he is under observation which may explain his behavior towards Ophelia. Also, Hamlet is not rejecting Ophelia specifically; he is rejecting women in general because of his mother. In every woman, Hamlet sees his mother who was unfaithful to his father. Frailty, thy name is women says Hamlet is his first scene. Hamlets attitude towards women is notoriously sexist and stems from his disgust at his mothers unfaithfulness. This outlook spills over to include all women, especially Ophelia because he thinks that womens appetite lead them to betrayal. According to Hamlet, females make the entire world seem like an unwedded garden. In conclusion, Hamlet comes to Ophelia on the brink of a breakdown, partly caused by his mothers infidelities and when he turns to his lover for support, his mothers lesson are reinforced and through her actions, Ophelia confirms in Hamlets mind that women cant be trusted.