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D.E.A.R (Drop Everything and Read) is in full swing! Hopefully you have been able to help your child create healthy homework habits by finding an appropriate time, along with a quiet place, for him/her to read. The books coming home in your childs bag are books we choose together. We choose justright books based on your childs interests, comprehension, fluency, and ability to decode words. Your child should read aloud for 10 minutes. If your child reads the book quickly, have him/her read it again (perform it, read to a sibling or to the DOG!). Repetitive reading promotes fluency: pace, phrasing, and expression. It also aids in comprehension. Please sign and return your childs DEAR folder every day. Thank you for your support! PiCTURE DAY: September 17th Check out the blog for updated pictures! http:/ /

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