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Blue Cross Blue Shield Fact Sheet

Blue Cross Blue Shield Fact Sheet

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Talking points provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield during Mississippi legislative hearing
Talking points provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield during Mississippi legislative hearing

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Published by: the kingfish on Sep 17, 2013
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Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi - A Mississippi Company for Mississippians

The Legislature is conducting a public hearing on a legal matter between two private companies—one a Mississippi-based health insurance company and one an out-of-state (Naples, Florida-based) for-profit hospital corporation. Before the Legislature moves quickly to support HMA's high charges and to help HMA maximize itsprofitsfor its shareholders, the Legislature needs to understand that what is really at stake here is the cost ofhealth care for Mississippians driven by ever-increasing marketforces due to healthcare reform.
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Mississippi's ("Blue Cross") goal and commitment to it members, has always been and will continue to be, to work on our members be lalf to manage the cost of their health care services. This includes the largest network of providers acn 3ss the state that ensures access for health care services and the best Network Provider price for those servi :es. Blue Cross will continue to fight for its members to manage their premiums and their out-of-pocket costs. The truth is that Blue Cross members have a choice ofNetwork Providers in every service area in the state and that members can use any hospitalfor emergency care. The truth is that Network

Hospitals across the state are working with Blue Cross to improve the quality ofcare and manage costs for their patients.
HMA sued Blues Cross because it wants to be paid more, not because it wants to charge its patients less. Blue Cross canceled HMA's contracts because HMA is more focused on maximizing charges and being paid more than managing costs. The contracts between Blue Cross and HMA allowed either party to cancel the agreements. HMA's allegation that Blue Cross has refused to try and resolve the dispute isfalse. Blue Cross has met with the Governor and the Insurance Commissioner. Blue Cross was also willing to recontract with some HMA hospitals ifHMA wouldpermanently dismiss its baseless lawsuit. HMA refused.

The information HMA is providing the public andpoliticians is eitherfalse or very misleading. HMA is misleading the public about Blue Cross to gain public sympathy so that the public and politicians will be detractedfrom the truth about HMA.
HMA Charges Exceed Other Local Hospitals HMA area hospitals charge their patients significantly more than our other local area hospitals charge their patients—in some cases more than double the charges. The more HMA hospitals charge, the more they get paid. Blue Cross and other payers must be able to establish payment structures to curb this "total charge" abuse. Recently, Coahoma County Supervisor, Dr. Roger Weiner, urged his fellow Board of Supervisors to order an investigation of HMA-owned Northwest Mississippi Regional Medical Center "for allegedly over-charging patients and providing poor patient care." [J. Wright, Weiner Urges Other Supervisors for Full HMA Investigation, PRESS REGISTER, Aug. 1,2013]. According to the article, Weiner is set to "prove the company isn't operating in the best interest of county patients .. Page 1 of3

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