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Green Routes Network

Update for the Cycle Forum 16th July 2013

As you will probably be aware there is a proposal that a citywide Green Routes Network should be developed, based on a core network of radial cycle routes focussed on the city centre, helping to address peoples concerns about safety / fear of cycling on busy roads and encourage the uptake of cycling. The routes would take advantage of Sheffields wealth of green infrastructure creating an East-West and North-South network of traffic-free or quiet

on-street cycle routes. This will also provide for people on foot and access between residential areas, the city centre and places of employment, education and leisure. By making best use of our unique green assets, which are key to attracting and retaining people and businesses to our city, the development and promotion of this infrastructure would support improvements in health and wellbeing and the environment. It would also provide economic benefits, reducing congestion and supporting Sheffield as a place where people want to come to live, for business and for leisure. Due to a lack of resources the development of a Green Routes Network project has been delayed, however staff have now been identified to take this project forwards and the Mandate has been submitted to the Place Leadership Team and recently approved. The project will develop proposals for a core network of routes, including joining-up and improving existing cycle routes through green spaces, in a phased approach that takes account of funding opportunities and restrictions. Initial suggestions for the core network of routes are currently being reviewed with a view to bringing them to the next Cycle Forum meeting in September for comment and discussion on how the network might be developed.