Not once but twice The same glass has been broken On the same act You react Twice In two different ways Once you become very angry Like ember The other time you remain cool Like frozen ice You are under of a spell Of a sense That sense works In you again When a glass of milk taken not once but twice and not by the same child but by two different children again you react once you abuse the other time glad a sense works in you let the later sense posses you and get it wings let it fly all over or spread like insecticide over the first reaction and let it die like weeds other wise we fall short to be called human.. Abdul Wahab Humanism

To believe In the deeds And sayings In which We increase The honour Of humanity Is the best definition Of humanism In which The best point To see How we Born Our origin Is it the left rib Of Adam Or the monkey? Is it automatic Or have Specific Reasons Or The question You leave Suspended Animation? It is up to You To your Humanism .

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