This is to certify that Miss. Meenakshi Singh,MBA(Financial Markets) participant of BSE Institute Limited,has successfully carried out the project titled “Yield Enhancement and Risk management in Fixed Income Securities”,under my supervision and guidance

-------------------------------------(Signature) Mr.Manish Mehrotra Chief Manager Bank of Baroda Specialized Integrated & treasury Branch

I would also like to thank the “Mr.Mumbai for allowing me to undertake my project work in treasury department.General manager – Treasury. Special thanks to the Mr.Deputy General Manager-Treasury. He has given his precious time in guiding me right from the very beginning which helped me to complete this project succesfully.N.Specialised Integrated Treasury Branch.Sanjay Grover”.Nagesh Bhalerao .treasury for his valuable time and suggestions that helped me in project completion. Their valuable suggestion and timely advices inspired me towards sustained efforts for my project.Acknowledgement I express my sincere acknowledgement to my project mentor and guide “Mr.D.MANISH MEHROTRA”.Chief manager-treasury for his noble guidance and moral support. Jhurmarvala.Assistant genral manager.Bank Of Baroda and Mr. Finally. I would also like to thank the staff of the treasury department (Fixed Income Securities) for their valuable help at time of need during the course of this project . .

 01 Abstract Introduction& Background: Organization History Vision & Mission Structure Leadership Deparments Research layout & Design 1.Topic”Yield Enhancement & Risk Management in Fixed Income Securities”     03 What is the topic? Why is this Important? Highlights of the project Flowchart of the process 27 Research findings:  Anaysis of the Project  Comparative & distinguishing feature of SITB of Bank Of Baroda  Effectiveness of the Project 04 Analysis of Information 35  Execution of project  Observations in project  Roadblocks in the Fixed Income securities Market 05 Conclusion 39 06 References 44 .reaserch process 01 02 02 10  Research Objectives  Project layout  Stepwise procedure 2.Table Of Contents Chapter Name Page No.

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