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Examples of Inductive Teaching

Examples of Inductive Teaching

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examples of teaching
examples of teaching

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Examples of inductive teaching 1.

For example, if the structure to be presented is the comparative form, the teacher would begin the lesson by drawing a figure on the board/or by using his students to give examples and saying, "This is Jim. He is tall." Then, the teacher would draw another taller figure next to the first saying, "This is Bill. He is taller than Jim." The teacher would then provide many examples using students and items from the classroom, famous people, or anything within the normal daily life of the students, to create an understanding of the use of the structure. The students repeat after the teacher, after each of the different examples, and eventually practice the structures meaningfully in groups or pairs. With this approach, the teacher's role is to provide meaningful contexts to encourage demonstration of the rule, while the students evolve the rules from the examples of its use and continued practice.

2. Consider the following text and design an activity for teaching Past Simple inductively Example: Read Dave’s sentences about what he did yesterday. Underline the verbs in Past Simple and then complete the chart by placing the regular verbs in the correct column: I had a very busy day yesterday. I tidied my room and I watered the plants. I polished my shoes and I helped my mother in the kitchen. Then I cleaned the house. I worked hard in the garden. I shopped and I also telephoned my friends yesterday. We played tennis and then we decided to go home. I cancelled the meeting with my brother because I was too tired. I watched TV and tried to fall asleep. Enjoy enjoyed Cook cooked Travel – travelled Stop stopped Like - liked Study studied

Can you derive the rules for adding– ed?

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