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Changing the Rules in a World of Illusions

Changing the Rules in a World of Illusions

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Published by laurentiu80
This book is for those that feel there is something more to reality than the 5 senses perceive. It is the truth I found inside my heart and mind that can help you discover how to become what you were meant to be: a creator, part of an infinite creator.
This book is for those that feel there is something more to reality than the 5 senses perceive. It is the truth I found inside my heart and mind that can help you discover how to become what you were meant to be: a creator, part of an infinite creator.

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Published by: laurentiu80 on Jun 29, 2009
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When you start inverting the process THINKING/FEELING
into a process FEELING/THINKING your conscience will play
some tricks on you. It is essential to feel which one are your
thoughts and which one are thoughts of your ego.

It is only a normal process. Your brain is going on
autopilot from a little while and it s feeling in control. It will be
only a short period of transition for your ego to accept that the
higher self awoken.

It is really easy to feel your ego, because every thought
that you have is coming in good or bad, real or unreal, fear,
emptiness, maybe, tomorrow, yesterday, time, future, past,
duality in general.

Your higher self that is the real you knows only feelings of
infinite beauty, infinite creation, infinite goodness, infinite
potential and has only certainties about your true nature. Your
higher self is aware of it s creational nature and feels connected
to everything. Your higher self exists in eternity. Your higher self


doesn’t feel time, doesn’t have limited feelings. Your higher self
doesn’t have perceptions only exists like an eternal creator.

Changing the process is only by acceptation. Your higher
self is one with everything that exists.

This is not a process of negation; your brain doesn’t know

what a negation is. For your brain every negation is generating
a reality. Again I am speaking about a reality as real as this one
that your brain perceives.

What you perceived as one world until now it has never
been one world. You have been a creator of many realities and
accepting your true nature you will understand and realize how
many realities you created.

Every thought of each and every one of us is creating a


Thoughts of your ego are still yours. What your ego
created is still your creation. You don’t have another person
inside. This can’t be a fight with your ego.

It has to be a peaceful acceptation; until now you have
been on auto pilot and now your true self has awakened.

To make easy the process, start controlling your thoughts.
Again is not hard to do. Feel every thought and no matter how it
is, take it with a smile. If is coming to your mind with the concept
of good or bad smile and accept. For your higher self there is no
duality. Your higher self is infinite.

Don’t try to hide thoughts that your ego perceives like bad

or fear because you will only put them on your subconscient
mind and become more powerful then what you create
consciously. You can’t hide anything from yourself. This too is
only a perception. Accept every thought that is coming to your


mind and choose not to experiment that reality. Turn the polarity
of every your thought. All this thoughts that will start coming are
only realities that your ego, your conscious mind and
subconscient where building for you on auto pilot. Every one of
them are real, not bad, not good and now that you are taking
control you have the power to choose which one will become a
reality for your body to experiment.

Accept only that until this instant has been all our creation

and it can’t be bad or good. It is not bad or good because our

nature is not and has never been duality. This is only the
perception of your brain that now is becoming a tool for your
higher self. Feel the joy inside of you! Feel the happiness inside
of you! Feel the infinity inside of you.

Two certainties exist for the higher you: infinite power of
creation and infinite love for everything. Everything else is an
illusion of your mind. Every other certainty that you perceive is
only a limitation.

Less certainties you have, more power you have to accept
what you are creating. When you look at the world that your
eyes see accept that you have the power to make it like you
want. Feel the reality that you are creating for yourself and
accept the process of transformation.

There are no constants in the reality you observe then the
ones you create. All are variables that you control. There is no
limit then the limit you put for yourself.

All the limitations that now are a reality are only the
creation on auto pilot because you thought you have no power
over what your eyes see and over what your brain perceives
like real.


Until this instant we all have been lost inside of our
creation. Time has come for us all to awaken and create a
reality where we all become what has been our nature in
eternity: Creators!

The moment to convince somebody has come to an end.
There is no one to convince! We all are truly one! We all have
been one since we created time.

The only way to liberate ourselves from our ego is
accepting that we are not our ego. Our ego is only our brain s
perception of reality. This 10% of our brain is the illusion of
being our ego. It has never been our true nature. Our true
nature is infinity. How can our brain understand what it already
knows? Our brain is perfectly aware that is only our tool. Time
for us has come to accept how great our nature is. There is

nothing to be afraid of! We don’t know what fear is. Fear is only

a word inside our brain s perception of reality.

By awakening and accepting our true nature, our ego will
disappear. Our ego is not more real than our eyes perception of
life. Our ego is only an illusion like our perception of reality.

Don’t think; just accept what you already know!

I know and I accept that my ego is an illusion!

I know my perception of reality is an illusion!

I know ME alone doesn’t exist!

I know I have all the answers!

I know everything is perfect because my nature is perfect!

I know all the answers because I have no questions!


I know I am bigger then time!


I feel part of infinity and infinity is part of me!

I feel joy and happiness inside of me!

I feel that I am life!

I feel I am perfect!

I feel my true nature!

I feel my infinite nature!

I feel everything inside of me!

I feel my brain like my tool!

I feel I have no limits than the limits I build for myself!

I feel eternity part of me!

I feel we all are truly one!

Everything that we all are is what we feel. Believing that
you are something else is creating only a reality where you
experience a different perception of yourself.

Trying to find answers outside of your self is only creating

a reality where you don’t know!

Feel everything inside of you! This whole infinity of realities

is inside of you! It has never been different! We all don’t have

another state of existing!

The purpose of all that your eyes perceive and the purpose
of what your brain perceives is for us all to experiment matter,
to experiment duality!


If I felt this, this means that all of us desired to feel. We
never existed like individuals. We only had different perception
of who we are.

I feel we all wanted because it was bigger than my
perception of reality!

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