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Nothing Tinplied Sor a quartet of strings Matthew Lee Rnoules (2006) Sor baby Zed. Nothing \mplied ‘Cello Duration- 11" A +A depressed mother yesterday acrid starting the blaze which killed er four month aa 00, + Grieving Natasha Hogan yesterday paced a farewel kiss onthe cofin of het son Lam, wo did aftr fling wit his father rom a hotel balcony. ‘+ Ayoung mum died in afrenzid atack at her home yesterday. + Aboy who was shot inthe eye ashe played wih an ar if has die, 1+ Ajeatous wite, wh kes her husband with an axe after he fathered a child vith hor nice, was freed yesterday having served just ten menthsin jal on remand, + boy f eleven found dead wih his mothe, brother and sister had been beaten to doath, toss shone lastnight, +A teonager was charged wth mucder ater Glen Comer, of Tyne and Wear who was celobrating his sitsenth birthday, ded of stab wounds, aftr an incident on Friday. ame HEED =i Fl H Always as qyict as possible, 2 Use pra ctice mute. ‘edllo

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