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for baby Led Nothing, Implied Violin L Deration- 11’ A + A depressed mather yesterday admite stating the Biaze whieh kled her four ‘month ol son + Grieving Netasha Hogan yesterday placed a farevel kiss onthe cofin of her son Lam, who died ater fling with his father rem a hota balcony. + A,young mum died in frenzied attack at her hme yesterday + Aboy who was shot inthe eye as he played wih an aie has de. + Ajealous wie, who kiled her husband wth an axe ater he fathered a child with her riece, wasted yesterday having served just tn months in jal on remand. + Aboy of eleven found dead with his mother, brother and sister had been beaten to deat, tests showed lat right “+ A teenager was charged wih murder after Gien Comer, of Tyne and Wear who was celebrating his siteenth bithday, ced of stab wounds, after an Incident on Friday. Stopes to ‘ be started, Fue a Sue eae #Abways as quet as possible. F Use practice mute. Violin I B Grenades fred by security forces could have triggered the bloodbath at the Bestan schoo siege in which three-hundred and thity-three people died Seven members ofthe same family were killed when a small plane crashed in a mountainous, heavily wooded part of South-Eastern Kentucky. ‘Atleast eight tourists have been kiled ina bus crash in Egypt Atleast forty-seven spectators were kil and tity injured when a water tank they were siting on collapsed a a vlage fair in Western India Eighteon people were killed and dozens injured in a series of bombs and explosions, Violin L

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