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Published by: jimmyfung40 on Sep 17, 2013
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The US and Russia have finally reached an agreement to remove and eliminate the threat of chemical weapons in Syria

but this agreement does not remove or eliminate the mortal threat posed by the foreign killers and Al-Qaeda destroyers inside Syria. To remove the threat posed by the foreign killers and destroyers, the US and Russia must send remote controlled helicopters or rotary drones to Syria to neutralise the said vermin. Such rotary drones (one illustration shown above) should be armed or equipped with high resolution cameras, satcom gear and a single minigun or a 14.5 mm sniper cannon to pick off the Qaeda and foreign fighters and eliminate them from Syrian soil. Do not employ the illegal use of anti-tank missiles to destroy human targets as practised by the US military in Afghanistan. The US, which has very actively supported al-Qaeda in Syria, is unlikely to harm the killers. It is now actually providing chemical warfare equipment to the Qaeda brigades on instructions from their Takfiri allies. In this Syrian conflict, the whore and the beast are clearly in bed together guided by their antichrist figurehead. Therefore Russia must get assistance from other nations that have proven expertise in producing rotary drones. Give them to Syria !

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