The Koch brothers think they can buy Texas like it’s their latest toy.

Yesterday, the Dallas Morning News revealed that the Koch brothers have been flying Greg Abbott around on a private jet. These are the guys who try to buy elections like it’s a game, and have recently pushed North Carolina backwards on everything that matters to working families. Fight back with a donation to the Texas Democratic Party today. To the Koch Brothers, a private jet means nothing. They have already pledged to spend at least $8 million in Texas over the next election cycle, all to make sure big business special interests like theirs are protected. They may think they can buy Texas in an election, but that’s only because they’re not from around here and don’t know Texans very well. Texas values are not for sale. And Texas votes can’t be bought. Greg Abbott may have his rich friends with private jets, but we have you and the power of grassroots Texans who care about our state. Texas is ready for a change, and an end to the cronyism and incompetence of Rick Perry and Greg Abbott. Donate today to help support our work to mobilize millions across Texas -- and to get the word out about Greg Abbott’s record. Let the Koch Brothers know that Texas Ain’t For Sale. Together, we can build a better Texas. That starts with electing new leaders in 2014. Let’s show them how Texans don’t back down! Gilberto Hinojosa Chair, Texas Democratic Party

P.S. Did you see last week that the Abbott campaign retweeted that Senator Wendy Davis is “too stupid” to be governor? They just don’t get it! The Abbott team apparently won’t rest until they’ve offended every woman voter in the state of Texas. Donate today to support our work to elect a Democratic candidate for Governor -- because Texans deserve better than Greg Abbott.

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