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Structural Design White Paper

Structural Design White Paper

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Published by: Umesh Chamara on Sep 18, 2013
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- White Paper Structural design with ArchiCAD, and its integration with structural software
- Great buildings need great structure -

The Role of Structure in Architectural Design
A building’s architectural design and its physical structure are closely interrelated: on the one hand, the architectural design of the building defines the structure; on the other hand, the structural design of a building reflects the overall architectural design. As structure became a visual and aesthetic part of the design in modern architecture, structures must be as light as possible while maintaining complete integrity. Also, the structure must be optimized for performance and price. ArchiCAD® is Graphisoft's purpose-built virtual modeling solution that allows architects to create a 3D model of their design, effectively creating a Virtual Building™. This White Paper details how ArchiCAD (AC) supports key aspects of structural design and the optimized workflow between the two disciplines. Architectural and structural design use the same Virtual Building model from the earliest sketches through to CNC machine production of building elements, using the appropriate software solution for every phase. Standards for structural design The standards set by authorities and developed over the course of decades are traditionally different for every material (RC, Steel, Wood etc.) in every country or region (e.g. DIN in Germany and Central Europe; BS in the UK; AISC in US). Lately, there has been a trend to unify these into a common standard - at least across regional economies, like the EU’s Eurocode. Structural analysis and production ArchiCAD provides sophisticated design information along with the necessary level of model detail. This information can be directly imported and exported in the native format of the structural software or through IFC and used for structural analysis by specialized software. These import/export add-ons fully integrate structural design and analysis simulation programs that dramatically improve the simulation of whole-building approaches in design, planning, production and construction. This opens new doors for cost savings and structural optimization and performance. Using ArchiCAD with these tools provides great benefits to both architects and structural engineers. Because the structural analysis tool can directly access ArchiCAD Virtual Building models, feedback on the structural design of the building can be obtained at any time during the design process. And ongoing changes to the design do not result in laborious (and duplicated) reworking in both separate applications - manually adjusting the geometry of the building to keep up with the alterations - because the essence of a 3D model means that all data is up-to-date and immediately usable.
1031 Budapest, Hungary www.graphisoft.com

column or wall tool to place all the load-bearing structures. He exports this simple model directly into the chosen structural design application.com . This is how it will look like in ArchiCAD: 2. the architect chooses the spans and the profile (H.graphisoft. In creating this model. model of the envisioned structure. L etc. 1031 Budapest.________________________________________________________________________ An example of the seamless workflow: 1.) from ArchiCAD’s Library of profiles or uses the slab. Hungary www. beam. The architect creates a simple.

The architect can continue adding walls.graphisoft. The structural elements can be sent to production machines if there is a CNC output from the structural application. 6. The structural engineer exports this detailed model back into AC without bolts or screws. 4. and we'll give you a brief introduction to how they can be used together with ArchiCAD at a professional level. Hungary www. because this representation is detailed enough for the architectural documentation drawings of the building. we outline the main features and benefits of the structural software tools mentioned above.________________________________________________________________________ 3. analyzes the model and chooses the right profile sizes. 1031 Budapest. but with the connecting plates. the structural engineer designs the connections. windows and doors to this structure. This is how it will look when imported back into ArchiCAD: 5. In the following pages.com . In the structural design application.

stress analysis and production.0 1031 Budapest.graphisoft. This allows you to export a basic 3D model geometry to Tekla Structures.________________________________________________________________________ Partner products Tekla Structures 12 Tekla Structures (former XSteel) by Tekla Corporation. Hungary www. Finland. checked for collisions and sent as CAM files for production. The structural engineer can do stress analysis in a software called Staad-Pro. In Tekla Structures. is software for steel and reinforced concrete structural design. do the stress analysis using Staad-Pro. The file exchange occurs through IFC 2x2 or 2x3 files. check the collisions. then send the complete model back to ArchiCAD without the screws and bolts (thus minimizing the file size). the structure can be designed in 3D down to the last screw bolt and reinforcement. design the structure including the necessary connections with the structural engineer. which is a separate module integrated into Tekla Structures. The process start with a simple 3D conceptual model exported from .com There is a bidirectional IFC link between ArchiCAD and Tekla Structures for steel models and concrete structures. 3D Steel model in Tekla Structures Steel detail in Tekla Structures 11.

________________________________________________________________________ ArchiCAD. Cutting steel from CNC data . In this detailed model.For more details. see the Appendix - 1031 Budapest. Hungary www. Detailed steel model back in ArchiCAD After finalizing the design of the building. the 3D steel model can be sent directly from Tekla Structures as CNC data to cutting machines for production. and end up with a detailed 3D model imported back to ArchiCAD. all the joining profiles in this detailed model will be cut correctly in their respective angles together with the contour plates.com .graphisoft.

ETABS is highly specialized in seismic analysis too. This allows you to export basic 3D model geometry to ETABS. stress analysis and production drawings. do the necessary structural analysis with a structural engineer. 3D steel model in ETABS The file exchange is through an IFC 2x2 file and the API uses the standard AC11 steel profile library elements as well as the slab.graphisoft. There is an importexport link between ArchiCAD and ETABS via IFC 2x2 for steel and reinforced concrete models. 1031 Budapest. beam and wall tools for load-bearing elements. and send the complete model back to ArchiCAD indicating any necessary changes. column. Hungary www.________________________________________________________________________ ETABS v9 ETABS is software for steel and reinforced concrete structural design.com .

Hungary www.com .________________________________________________________________________ Same 3D model in ArchiCAD _________________________________ 1031 Budapest.graphisoft.

This allows you to import the 3D bridge model geometry into AC11 from SAP2000. stress analysis and production drawings specialized for the design of large structures such as bridges. Hungary www.________________________________________________________________________ SAP2000 v10 SAP2000 is a software product for steel and reinforced concrete structural design.com . 3D bridge model in SAP2000 v10 3D bridge model in ArchiCAD through IFC 2x2 from SAP2000 v10 1031 Budapest.graphisoft. and insert it into the architectural or urban environment. Currently there is an import-export link between ArchiCAD and SAP2000 via IFC 2x2.

walls. on which you can perform stress analysis. CBS Pro has an intelligent bi-directional import-export connection with ArchiCAD 11. structures of almost any geometry can be defined quickly and easily. Hungary www. 3D Foundations of a model designed in CBS Pro imported and highlighted in green in ArchiCAD. In this way. through IFC 2x2.graphisoft. Using the “object-oriented” approach. such as foundations. Architect: paastudio. allowing changes to be applied to the structural (load-bearing) parts of the model while leaving the others intact. The imported model can be optimized as a structural model.0 CBS Pro is an easy-to–use. via IFC 2x2.________________________________________________________________________ CBS Pro 20. 1031 Budapest. floors and openings.com . Further structural parts can be added. and these are marked as new structures when imported back to ArchiCAD 11. CBS Pro allows the user to very quickly build up a structural model using “components” such as beams. California – NHS Building. yet powerful software tool for modeling multi-story structures in concrete and other materials. columns.

and start the calculations. 3D model of slab with deflections Top view of slab with moment distribution 1031 Budapest. with FEM-Design you can run complete analysis and design calculations for architectural models created in ArchiCAD.graphisoft. It gives solutions for static. The program offers a reinforcement editor module too.________________________________________________________________________ FEM Design 7. The program can import 3D structural models and elements (slabs. columns and walls) defined by ArchiCAD. Hungary www. After analysis and design calculations.g. dynamic (eigenfrequencies. 3D buildings. etc. steel and reinforcement design of 2D and 3D structural problems (slabs. The structural engineer can analyze complete buildings in 3D Structure module or slabs by stories in Plate module and by 12 national codes. but besides them it has excellent data connection with ArchiCAD (6.5 and higher versions).com .0 is structural design software based on the Finite Element Method. stability and seismic) analysis. you can add material and design parameters. the engineer can make documentations (figures and tables) with numeric values (e. FEM-Design has integrated drawing and editing tools.). texts and dimensions. maximum displacement for the maximum of load combinations). Therefore. walls. loads and load combinations. After importing the model.0 FEM-Design 7. frames. beams. Several types of supports and loads can be applied.

the 3D structural building model combines the most complete visual and report details available. Users can work in a 2D or 3D environment.com . working on separate parts or the total building as they may need. and even underground structures. aluminum or user defined special materials. printed or combined into user-defined reports. AxisVM is a highly productivity finite element analysis software used by civil engineers in 22 countries. Users can import-export ArchiCAD models via IFC 2x2. or components such as walls. It performs linear and non-linear static. slabs. which are dynamically saved as the engineer makes changes. The engineer can quickly make verification of designs. Hungary www. columns or beams with any combination of concrete. Model import from ArchiCAD to AxisVM via the IFC 2x2 1031 Budapest. wood. The AxisVM's user interface provides graphic. dialog boxes and menu functions and commands available in the Visual Modeling environment. Due to its extensive analysis capabilities and robust graphic CAD user interface. buckling and seismic analysis of 2D and 3D complex structures. from mega-shopping malls to school gymnasiums.________________________________________________________________________ AxisVM 8 AxisVM has been successfully used as the structural analysis and design software for many ArchiCAD-designed projects. Enables use of an unlimited number of finite elements that can freely be combined in a model. Engineers can edit the model using the simple toolbar. numerical and tabular results which can be saved. vibration. AxisVM allows the engineer to model an entire structure or to separately model layers or floors.graphisoft. AxisVM has proved successful in the design of projects ranging from world-class international airports to design of steel microwave towers. from showrooms and theaters to municipal water tanks. review optimization possibilities or pose complex ‘”What-if…?” questions. steel. plates.

com .graphisoft. Hungary www.________________________________________________________________________ Model export from AxisVM to ArchiCAD via the IFC 2x2 Show cases Concert hall Hotel Office building 1031 Budapest.

com/support/ArchiCAD/downloads/AC-TS PC and MacOS platform Target market Companies that perform steel detailing. The complete.graphisoft. Hungary www. bolts and screws using pre.avoiding human error. Main features • • • • • Powerful modeling including all materials Steel detailing of connections Collision detection Engineering and Production drawings CNC output to cutting machines www.asp?root_id=3611&ala_id=13854&apu=0&mode=readdoc&r=13854&site=1 ArchiCAD compatibility: • • • • ArchiCAD 11 IFC 2x2 and 2x3 export/import Download the manual from: www.________________________________________________________________________ Appendix Tekla Structures 12 Value proposition The strength of Tekla Structures is its seamless workflow. design and manufacturing. automatic production of the steel profiles through CNC data for cutting machines . Analysis in Staad-Pro.graphisoft.tekla.com/user_nf/default. Collision detection for the whole model before finalizing the detailing. Therefore the value propositions are: • • • • Complete steel detailing in 3D. Relevant countries Worldwide Contact Company: TEKLA Address: Metsänpojankuja 1.tekla.com 1031 Budapest. from the design through to stress analysis and collision detection right up to the CNC cutting machines which use the same 3D geometry as ArchiCAD.com . as well as architectural firms who would like to exchange 3D data with these firms. 02130 Espoo. FINLAND Website: www.or user-defined steel details. with contour plates.

com . stress contours and time-history results. Hungary www. 94704 USA Tel: +1 510 845 2177 Fax: +1 510 845 4096 Website: www. Canadian and EURO Standards in stress analysis from the early design phase to control the stress performance of the building. Relevant countries Worldwide Contact Company: CSi Address 1995 University Ave. using the same 3D geometry as ArchiCAD.csiberkeley. Dynamic. from the design stage through stress analysis and detailing.graphisoft.________________________________________________________________________ ETABS v9 Value proposition The strong point of ETABS is its intelligent model handling. mode shapes. Therefore the value propositions are: • • • The support of US. Animated display of deformed shapes.htm ArchiCAD compatibility: • • • • ArchiCAD 11 IFC 2x2 import/export Download the manual: www.com 1031 Budapest. suite 540. Canadian and European design codes Production drawings http://www. especially calculations in earthquake zones.com/ETABS_features/General. Main features • • • • Stress analysis All kinds of seismic analysis Fully interactive steel and concrete frame member design for many American.csiberkeley. linear and non-linear analysis options – also specialized for earthquakes.com/support/ArchiCAD/downloads/AC-ETABS MacOS and PC platforms Target market Firms (of any size) doing structural analysis and construction documentation of reinforced concrete. CA.graphisoft. Berkeley.

Deformation cable-supported bridge analysis and pushover analysis.com/support/ArchiCAD/downloads/AC-SAP2000 MacOS and PC platform Target market Firms which perform structural analysis and construction documentation for large cable structures.htm ArchiCAD compatibility: • • • • ArchiCAD 11 IFC 2x2 import/export Download the manual from: www. Automated bridge live-load analysis. such as bridges. CA.graphisoft.________________________________________________________________________ SAP2000 v10 Value proposition The strong point of SAP2000 is its intelligent model handling of large structures.com 1031 Budapest. Therefore the value propositions are: • • • Design of large cable structures. stress contours and time history results http://www. from the design stage through stress analysis and detailing. using the same 3D geometry as ArchiCAD.graphisoft.com .csiberkeley. Main features • • • Stress analysis Object-based physical member modeling allows working with large members that do not need to be broken up at each joint Animated display of deformed shapes. 94704 USA Tel: +1 510 845 2177 Fax: +1 510 845 4096 Website: www. mode shapes. Berkeley.csiberkeley. such as bridges Relevant countries Worldwide Contact Company: CSi Address 1995 University Ave. Hungary www.com/SAP2000_features/First_Topic. from templates. suite 540.

robobat. Main features • • • • structural modeling producing detailed reinforced concrete drawings of beams. walls.and its integration with other software developed by the same group. rue Lavoisier. Hungary www.graphisoft. Integration with RCAD (reinforcement).com . columns. which perform design and quantity takeoffs for all types of structures. columns. 38334 .graphisoft. Robot Millennium (dynamics) and ESOP (cost estimation). foundations carrying out dynamic and seismic calculations producing Bills of Quantities http://www. Using full-finite elements.com 1031 Budapest.similar to the AC tools . analysis is completed “invisibly” inside CBS Pro.com/n/en/267 ArchiCAD compatibility: • • • • ArchiCAD 11 IFC 2x2 import/export Download the manual: www.St Ismier Cedex France Tel: +33 4 76 41 80 82 Fax: +33 4 76 41 97 03 Website: www. floors and openings .robobat.________________________________________________________________________ CBS Pro v20 Value proposition The strong point of CBS Pro is its ability to build up a structural model using “components” such as beams. Relevant countries Worldwide Contact Company: RoboBAT Address 2.com/support/ArchiCAD/downloads/AC-CBSPro MacOS and PC platform Target market Firms (of any size). Zirst de Montbonnot. Therefore the value propositions are: • • • Easy to learn UI for the design and analysis of reinforced concrete structures.

strusoft. Portugal.graphisoft. Therefore the value propositions are: • Besides its integrated CAD tools. Estonia and Italy Contact Company: StruSoft AB Address: Övägen 1.fem-design.com/support/ArchiCAD/downloads/AC-FEMDesign Relevant countries Sweden. etc. Limhamn Sweden Tel: +46 40 36 16 60 Fax: +46 40 36 16 65 Website: www. Hungary www. as lists or by animation Open GL for fast and powerful graphical presentation of input geometry and results http://www. displacement and other static and dynamic characters of the building. The finite element (FE) method used for stress analysis is one of the smartest and fastest methods in the world. England. FEM Design filters the 3D ArchiCAD database and helps you select the appropriate “real-life” structural building model from the early design phase to control the stress performance.g. Denmark. Norway. stress and stability analysis.0 Value proposition The strongest point of FEM Design is its user friendly working environment to design structures (e.________________________________________________________________________ FEM Design 7. • • Target market Firms (of any size) doing structural analysis and construction documentation of reinforced concrete and steel. manual or automatic load combinations by codes Results presented graphically.com . DWG links Static and dynamic analysis of 2D and 3D structural problems Reinforcement and steel design. reinforcement editor also available Professional FE method of automatic optimal mesh generation for any geometry Several types of loads and supports. Hungary. An enhanced graphical feedback of analysis and design results show the behavior of the structure for given loads and effects.graphisoft.com ArchiCAD compatibility • • Direct ArchiCAD (6. SE-200 61. and Wizard for quick and easy model input Data connection via FDX (ArchiCAD) or DXF. Main features • • • • • • • • • Simple processing of most applications Integrated CAD tools for drawing and editing.5 or higher version) export to FEM Design (only on PC platform) Download the manual from: www. reinforcement and steel design. Finland.com 1031 Budapest.) using the same 3D model geometry as ArchiCAD.

ASCII. buckling. and seismic analysis Automatic meshing.axisvm. JPG • http://www.322.htm ArchiCAD compatibility: • • • • ArchiCAD 11 IFC 2x2 import-export Download the manual: www.com 1031 Budapest. Egypt. Czech Republic. DIN. Hungary www. SIA and other country codes Integrated Report Generator with dynamically updated results File export to IFC. loads. UK.com (Greg Hoback) Company: Inter-CAD Kft. Spain. Relevant countries AxisVM is used by engineers in Austria. Finland. Germany. Hungary. The value propositions are: • • • Easy to learn and use graphical user interface Fast and accurate finite element method Long history of analysis of ArchiCAD designed projects Main features • • • • • • • • Visual Modeling with unlimited number of finite elements Extensive section and material libraries. Address: Károly krt. Romania. Belgium. DXF. Slovenia.axisvm.________________________________________________________________________ AxisVM 8 Value proposition The major strength of AxisVM is its intuitive user interface that lets structural and civil engineers model simple structural elements or total buildings with any combination of materials. Uruguay. vibration. H-1075 Hungary Tel: +36 1. 9/606. covering even the most specific needs of small to large firms. and conditions. Yugoslavia. DSTV. load cases and combinations Reinforced concrete and steel design Built in standards: Eurocode. WMF.graphisoft. RTF. meshing refinements and user-defined meshing Unlimited load definitions. Latvia.322.9072 Fax: +36 1.graphisoft. Greece. Kenya Contact: ghoback@axisvm. Sudan. Switzerland. Croatia. Netherlands. Budapest.com/support/ArchiCAD/downloads/AC-AxisVM MacOS and PC platform Target market Six configurations of the software are available. Italy. Brazil.6668 Website: www.com/info.com . and the ability for users to input new type of materials or cross-sections Performs linear and non-linear static.

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