Frances Leana Capellan / BS Architecture 29 June 2009

Elementary Surveying and Architecture
Architects are builders. The lines we draw on paper translates to actual materials that will touch and be part of the earth. We build structures that rise from the ground but our visions are limited to the slopes of the existing natural environment. In every design project, the site is one of the very first tool given to the architect. We were taught that the site should never be isolated from our building concept. It will only be with the knowledge of one’s site that an architect will be able to formulate the design of the building that is to rise. Thus, I never harbored any opposition on the idea of taking up an Elementary Surveying subject. I am, in fact, excited--- I’d be able to legally “play” with basic geodetic engineering “gadgets” this semester! After this semester, I hope to be more adept in reading topographic maps. I also am keen on improving my urban design skills and this course can help me hone that. With this course, I can very much befriend the slopes and consequently cut construction costs while at it.

“Architecture is not a business, not a career, but a crusade and consecration that justifies the existence of the earth” “The Fountainhead”, Ayn Rand

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