EUROCITIES Roma Inclusion Task Force and Open Society Foundations MtM/MERI joint-initiative on East-West

Cooperation on Cities for Roma Inclusion Cooperation of EUROCITIES Task Force for Roma Inclusion and Mayors Making the Most of EU Funds for Roma Inclusion (MERI) members
The following is a template to serve as a basis for small group sessions at the preparatory meeting of the project taking place in Budapest on 16 January. Participants will be put into groups according to the expression of interest. We ask that you come prepared to discuss with your counterparts: Needs / objectives Competences available to address at least one of these needs Draft cooperation exchange programme (with activities, timeframe and expected results)

The information collated through this template will be used to further develop the joint project proposal, including budget allocation for exchange activities. EUROCITIES member city(s) Participating cities MERI member(s)




Matching competences

B1. (how do they meet needs in A2?) Timeframe Activity

B2. (how do they meet needs in A1?) Place / Responsible Product

Suggested framework for exchange Expected Outputs   Expected Impact   

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