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Arts award presentation. Annabelle Taylor.

My question is what is art? Ive chosen this topic simply because its a very simple

question with no answer that people have different views and opinions on. Where do we draw a line between what is art and what isnt ?

Defining art.
Wikipedia "the use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments, or experiences that can be shared with others. Google expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture,...: "the art of the Renaissance Works produced by such skill and imagination. Oxford dictionary the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power
All these places i looked for the definition of art had to give me an answer , but they dont actually answer the question....

What is art ?
After typing in what is art ? into google , a lot of results came up filled with blogs youtube videos and websites for people studying art to give them an answer. Ive explored alot of these websites and put the best ones with the most interesting and intriguing answers to the question what is art on the following slides....

I found the following quote on the website which came up as a result on google.
ART lacks a satisfactory definition. It is easier to describe it as the way something is done -- "the use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments, or experiences that can be shared with others rather than what it is.
The article i read on was a very interesting one it again gives no specific definition but does talk about how art is a bigger part in out lives than most people think, the world around us is made up of things that have mostly been designed by artists and designers eg , a table , the desk in your bedroom has been designed by someone , your shoes your pencil case have all been designed , the way a girl puts on her makeup in the morning is artistic the football stadiums and the theatres have all been artistically designed.
This article really highlighted for me how much art is involved in our day to day lives it may not be a grand painting or a huge sculpture but its always there.

The independent newspaper article on what art is.

The article says that art is what keeps people alive bringing alive what we want to be brought alive creating something we want from out imagination creating the possibility of hope and other worlds, lives and creatures No matter how apparently simple or humdrum the subject, the artist aims at transcendence, at transformation.

The general publics opinion

I found these quotes online in response to articles and

For me, art is not something that just challenges attitudes and beliefs but something that challenges the thought process itself. Art is not to be confused with craft, Spacetorent- on yahoo or skilled technique. For example, a answers lifelike painting, or photograph, is representational craft, but not art. Art is distinctively characterised by an encounter with the strange, the different, the unknown, the hidden, the not-yet-thought-of. Jzaaiman on a tumblr blog.

Art reflects, expresses, invokes and describes the ambiguity of humanity" it is what I always thought but couldn't express. Thank you for a wonderful article, almost a work of art in itself. Ian Fraser- in response to the independent article.

Talk about the youtube video

The youtube video i watched was 6minutes 30 seconds long and was a really really good video and basically telling the veiwer (me) what this presentation should be to you. It starts off by drawing a line saying this is art it then shows us a series of images of art saying the line may not be as good as this piece of art but its still art , and if it isnt why isnt it ? It then goes on to talking about why any photo that we take on our everyday basis is not art yet a photo that someone has taken of a plane landing is art why? And why can a urinal can pass as art and be displayed in an art gallery, these are the questions everyone wants answering and he did ...... He said that the reason behind all of it is creativity something as simple as a chair being classed as art is creative because someone has to come up with a reason for it being there a reason behind it , and someone has thought of that reason with theyre imagination and creativity. He then goes on to talk about the clothes we wear like the other article i talked about before about are clothes and furniture being art through someones creativity they have designed and created the art around us. He then concludes at the end going back to the line he begun with saying this line of art , where do with put it between what is and isnt art, he then said then i will answer the question with a question do we even need to draw a line ?

Art has changed dramatically through time , some for the good some

How are has changed through time...

for the bad. Back in the 18th century people had a lifetime to work on art , some did take that long , people would create masterpieces that are huge and finished to the finest detail Slowly art became more modernised artists such as Picasso came about changing the way art was shown forever creating cubist shapes people had never seen before After a while the classical art died out completely and even though alot of art is amazing now i havent seen anything like 17-early 19th century style work in a long time has the talent of the artist back then disappeared ? However art was changed into more simplistic form with extremely deep thought gone into them Art is still amazing to this day modern art takes us to places that classical art never could that why modern art works so well.

Examples modern art

Examples classical art

My opinion
My opinion is very biased towards art and has become even more bias after making this powerpoint , because i am interested in art alot and i do find interesting a story behind art for instance going to the tate modern there was a huge hall filled with sunflower seeds , alot of people who dont see art like i do would simply walk away from that and find it stupid , after reading about the artist the story behind it was very interesting , each sunflower seed represented a different human being , that to me is a beautiful and very artistic way to represent humans how we all grow in different ways under different circumstances but we are the same species. I think that if the art has a justification behind the simplest piece of art it works amazingly among a more detailed modern piece or an amazing classical master piece which yes is amazing but has the story already infront of you , you know what the story is when looking at a classical painting of the last super we know what it is we know the story but with something that doesnt give us the story the viewer has to sit there and take on whatever story behind the art they want.