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Qualitative Evaluation of Silver Syntheiszed Extract

Qualitative Evaluation of Silver Syntheiszed Extract

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Published by: Self Competitor Enone on Sep 18, 2013
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Qualitative evaluation of Silver Syntheiszed Extract Synthesis of silver nanoparticles Ag+ ions were reduced by addition of 10 mL of T.

procumbens to 100 mL of 10–1 M aqueous AgNO3 solution. Reduction of the Ag+ ions was monitored by measuring the ultraviolet-visible spectrum of the solution at regular intervals on a spectrophotometer (Shimadzu, Japan) operating at a resolution of 1 nm. The effects of temperature on the rate of synthesis and size of the prepared silver nanoparticles were studied by carrying out the reaction in a water bath at 5°C– 90°C with reflux. The concentration of AgNO3 solution was also varied from 1mM to 5 mM. Following synthesis of silver nanoparticles, the supernatant was centrifuged with double distilled water at 10000 rpm for 20 mins at 4˚C and screened was carried out as previously described. The following table represents the findings. Table: Qualitative analysis of AgNP supernatant Phyto-constitutuents Present/ Absent Saponins Trace amount Tannins + ve Steroids -ve Terpenoids -ve Alkaloids + ve Anthraquinones -ve Flavonoids + ve Cardicaglycosides -ve Note: + ve indicates positive result, whereas – ve indicates negative result It’s evident that steroids, terpenoids and cardiac glycosides were found missing thus inferred to have played a great role as reducing and stabilizing agents. Thus, further research work would include isolating whole compounds as aforementioned, investigating if the compounds revealed are responsible for the synthesis and elucidation of the structures of the identified compounds.

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