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Inside The Enemy Camp (Veer Savarkar)

Inside The Enemy Camp (Veer Savarkar)


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Published by: Nrusimha ( नृसिंह ) on Jun 29, 2009
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All of a sudden, in December 1903, the British philosopher Herbert Spencer died. He
was affectionately called Harbhat Pendse in Maharashtra. Many of his works were
translated into Marathi. Young leaders like Tilak and Agarkar were greatly influenced
by his philosophy. In my school days I read all the Marathi translations of his works.
And at a later date, I studied all his works with deep interest. Shyamji was deeply
devoted to Spencer and was present at his funeral in London. Shyamji made a small
speech and as a token of his gratitude, he declared a donation of 1,000 pounds
(some 15,000 rupees in those days). This was accepted by Oxford University and
through this fund they used to arrange lectures annually on the philosophy of
Spencer by well-known scholars. British people were much impressed by generosity
of Shyamji and he became well-known overnight.

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