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Inside The Enemy Camp (Veer Savarkar)

Inside The Enemy Camp (Veer Savarkar)


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Published by: Nrusimha ( नृसिंह ) on Jun 29, 2009
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British authorities kept a close eye on the Indian revolutionaries. I can testify from
my own experience.

I came to London in July 1906, but would not have believed that Bombay C.I.D
would have sent a report about me, detailing all the political activities in which I had
taken part. I learnt about it in 1910 when I was arrested and was being sent to India
to stand for a trial. So it means that ever since I was 20 the British (in India and

I n t h e En em y Cam p

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Britain) had started a secret file on me and had compiled reports of my activities
(true or false). This went on till 1947 (when India became independent). In my
active life, I had forgotten many details, but the British kept records of my activities.
Their tenacity is worth praising. Some of the details were published in Government
reports. These are now useful for writing my autobiography.

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