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Inside The Enemy Camp (Veer Savarkar)

Inside The Enemy Camp (Veer Savarkar)


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Published by: Nrusimha ( नृसिंह ) on Jun 29, 2009
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On the one hand, I was studying in India Office Library and on the other; I was
talking about the 1857 war in the secret meeting being held in India House. I used
to explain the heroic deeds of our heroes of 1857 and induce the youth to try a
similar uprising in future and be ready for self-sacrifice. I also used to write my book
on 1857 war. In May 1908, I arranged celebration of the 50th anniversary of that
war, in India House. That was reported in my newsletters published in contemporary
paper Kal. British Secret Service had infiltrated our
organisation and the Indian traitor must have told the authorities how explosive my
book was going to be. He also smuggled parts of the manuscript of my book. The
British Secret Service was alarmed and warned the Librarian at India Office Library
that I should not be admitted to the library. He was stunned and informed me
accordingly. Once again I was in a dilemma. I had nearly completed my book in
Marathi and quoted references extensively. But I wanted to confirm some pieces of
information. So, I entrusted this work to Mr V V S Iyer, who was my friend in

I n t h e En em y Cam p

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confidence, He had taken the oath of Abhinav Bharat from me. He was not known to
the British C I D and therefore could finish this task successfully.

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