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8 Oct/Nov 2013
39 GMOs: Decidedly Un-Paleo
By Amy Moll, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.
what you need to know about the
emerging world of genetically
engineered foods.
49 Paleo Birth Control
By Stefani Ruper
Breaking down the various hormonal
and non-hormonal options.
61 What Your Poop Says About You
By Aglae Jacob, MS, RD
A look at the four most common
problems youll have in the bathroom.
Roasted Root
Veggies with
Chili Butter
Find this recipe on page 89
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13 Notes From The Editor
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Short Description.
14 Community
see some of the amazing people,
companies, research and more coming
out of the ever growing Paleo community.
49 Lifestyle
Raising Paleo kids, inspiration, Paleo
living and everything else that makes
up the Paleo lifestyle.
80 Food
the Paleo diet allows for absolutely
amazing food. Please, no drooling on
the pages.
105 Average Joe Paleo
Parting words on daily Paleo living
from our very own, Average Joe.
on the cover:
ChoColate Pie
AdrenAl FAtigue Pt 4
Stop Trying To Do It All
Fall Flavors
Amazing Fall
Inspired Recipes
EndurancE athlEtEs
The Ancestral Athlete Approach
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Macadamia Nut Bars
@paleomagazine looking for some
European distribution? Starting in
Netherlands? Would be lovely! #paleo
@Puurwilma on twitter
Reading @paleomagazine for the frst time
and smiling more and more every time I turn
the page. Absolutely wonderful!
@saylorkgibbs on twitter
@paleomagazine Im so psyched and
grateful to @_Joe_m for introducing me to
yall! Proud #paleo guy here. Two years now
so happy!
@karlwarden on twitter
Just got my frst issue of @paleomagazine
and I LOVE it. Feeling so inspired. It is just
what the doctor ordered.
@Coast2Paleo on Twitter
Just picked up your magazine today (Paleo
for 1-1/2 years now) and Im very impressed
with its substance. Im gonna subscribe and
donate any future read copies to my gym.
Thank you for making such a great read!
Yvette w. via facebook
Just bought your Aug/Sept issue (they
FINALLY have it at my local Whole Foods)
and have to thank you for a quality
magazine that is very informative. My
husband and I especially loved Reality VS
Rule Bending and Adrenal Fatigue.
Passion for Paleo via facebook
The only thing I read cover to cover.
Thanks Paleo Magazine!
sam M. via facebook
Great publication! One of the only ones
actually worth reading!
Rebecca M. via facebook
I look forward to each and every magazine
that comes out.
Dusti k. via facebook
ny regular reader knows that, while i enjoy soaking up the sun as
much as the next guy, fall is my absolute favorite time of the year.
the air is crisp and cool, the leaves provide a stunningly beautiful
display and the food changes to the hearty, comfort variety (not to
mention football season starts - go Pats!)
Years ago, theres no doubt there was an added element of stress for our
ancestors during this time. shorter days and colder temps meant that winter
was coming and the scramble to prepare was on. fortunately, today, most of us
dont have that stress, as were able to simply crank the heater, bundle up with
some extra clothes and move on about our day. Unfortunately, we now have
new stresses - school starting, holidays approaching and the end of year crunch.
Yes, it seems we humans can always fnd something to stress about.
According to Merriam-webster, stress is a physical,
chemical, or emotional factor that
causes bodily or mental tension and
may be a factor in disease causation.
lets say that last part again, all together now, disease causation. now, if
i was talking about a particular food, people wouldnt think twice about ditching
it, never to touch, or eat it, again. funny thing is, id venture to guess, the vast
majority of us carry stress with us all day, every day.
In our never-ending quest to fnd better health, its easy to get focused on the
food. thanks to our limitless fascination with eating, there are, and will always
continue to be, tons of books, magazines, tV shows, radio programs, and more
produced on the subject. Dont get me wrong, we here at Paleo Magazine love
good food too (pg 87), but we also understand that there is more to good health
than whats sitting on your plate. (pg 39)
You can eat the perfect diet, but if youre chronically stressed, constantly
sitting/never moving, never outside, not sleeping well, staring at a tV/computer/
tablet/phone screen every night - did i mention chronically stressed? - then
youre only going to accomplish so much in terms of health. the fact is, a lot
of these changes are easier than others. not outside enough. Ok, get outside.
staring at the tV or computer every night? Easy, just turn it off. stressed about
your job, family, commitments, money, holidays, school, etc? Hhhmm, thats a
bit trickier. Right?
Maybe it isnt. Maybe its a lot more simple than we think. Maybe being less
stressed is no more diffcult than any of the other aspects of better health.
Maybe, just maybe, the key to being less stressed is simply to stop trying to
do it all. (pg 65) While it may seem diffcult to start saying no, maybe thats
exactly what we need to start doing. Everyday we are given the choice to say
yes, or no, to countless opportunities, offers, purchases, and other decisions
each one of which will result in making
our lives more, or less, stressed.
this fall, i encourage you to say yes
to more things that will enrich your lives
- make a surprise visit to your childs
school, unplug with the family on the
weekend, enjoy those holiday gatherings
- and say no to the things that cause
you stress - taking on more monthly
payments, cramming more responsibility
in to your already overbooked day, or
sacrifcing sleep so the holiday party will
be perfect. You just might fnd that with
less stress, youll enjoy the amazingly
delicious food fall has to offer that much
more. And be that much healthier for it.
52 Oct/Nov 2013
n the Bhagavad Gita it says:
"The fruits of work should not be your motive."
sounds odd, maybe? Especially in western Culture. like, should you work for free?
should you work hard for no results? to hell with that, right?
not exactly.
what it's really saying is that you'd be well served by learning to love and fully
experience the process of your work. the process is what happens in the moment - in the
now - and it's all you have to truly connect to your future goals and dreams.
it's the quality of attention, presence and, yes, love that you bring to the moment and
the activity right in front of you, that determines where you end up. the more focus, power,
and joy you put into each individual step you take in the moment, the more likely you'll get
where you ultimately want to go - and the more fun you'll have getting there.
"eating Healthy" doesn't really exist as something tangible. Only the process of getting
good food, cooking it, and eating it in the moment actually exists and is real.
the process of getting healthy food and preparing it is real. the goal of being healthier
or Paleo or whatever, is actually just an image in your head. it's a projected future and
only exists in your mind.
if you learned to love going to the farm for good food and coming home to cook it, that
would do a lot more to create health in the future than resenting the fact that you have to
go out of your way for good food and spend all this time you don't have preparing it so you
can have the future result of being healthy. Or worse, feeling that you "have to" do all this
work and going out of your way because there's "stuff wrong with you."
with an attitude like the latter, the health would probably be a lot harder to attain, and
the effort would likely be abandoned before the goal was reached anyway. Even if you did
get where you wanted to go, ultimately, the experience of getting there wouldn't be very
pleasant. And, the unpleasantness would be entirely unnecessary.
it's the same with training and moving. if you learned to love the drive to the gym, the
warm up, the workout, and the drive home, you'd fnd the future you want naturally comes
into being - or at least a reasonable approximation of it.
Doing something we don't love and value in the present so we can have what we want
in an imaginary future - the imaginary future being "the fruits" - is how we trick ourselves
and make things harder than we need them to be.
How Resistance Comes In...
"What we truly need to do is often what we most feel like avoiding."
david Allen
"Only something that is not supportive of you would want you to take a
break from something that takes care of you."
From "I don't Want To, I don't Feel Like It"
by Cheri Huber and Ashwini Narayanan
if you resist taking the action you need to take in the moment, to reach your ultimate
goals, you're actually pushing those goals away and negating them. Present moment
Its All About
the Process
By: AdAm FArrAh
If it is the quality of your
consciousness at this
moment that determines the
future, then what is it that
determines the quality of your
consciousness? your degree
of presence. So the only place
where true change can occur
and where the past can be
dissolved is the Now.
From The Power of
Now by Eckhart Tolle
Can StoCk Photo InC. / StefanSChurr
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action is all you have to connect yourself, and your present reality, to the future.
Resistance happens. we all resist things that are good for us from time to time.
sometimes we have good reason to, and sometimes we just get stuck "practicing
Resistance is most certainly a practice and it's also a choice we make. sometimes it's a
choice we make rarely and sometimes it's a choice we make over and over again. it can
become a habit.
How Resistance Happens...
Resistance happens when we're not focused in the present moment. we're either
wasting energy thinking about the past or we're wasting energy thinking about - imagining
- a future that isn't here yet and getting anxious about it.
this "leaking" of vital energy depletes our ability to stay focused on the present moment
and the action that we need to take to get where we want to go.
the only thing you need to beat resistance is the courage to continue to move toward
what you know you need to do in the face of the resistance. the resistance feels real
enough, but it isn't. You can move through it quite easily, and you can prove this to
yourself by simply moving through it toward the positive behaviors you know you need, in
spite of "not feeling like it" at the moment.
when you're resisting action in the moment, you're focusing on not wanting to do the
action you need to do. You can change this by doing the action and focusing on the action
instead. it's just a change in focus and it happens in the present moment. Always.
what meditators have known for ages is that this inner dialog, the process and these
feelings are always going on. One purpose of meditation is to "step back" from these
mental processes and see them for what they are something that's happening more
or less automatically in your mind and body that has distinct thoughts and feelings
associated with it.
if you really want to see a show, get this process into focus and continue to move
yourself toward the thing youre resisting. "i really don't want to write today" "i'm sitting
down at my desk" "i really don't want to write today" "i'm turning on the computer"
what i've found is that my journey as a writer parallels my journey as an athlete, a
seeker of ever-increasing health, and my journey toward greater spiritual awareness.
"The War of Art" by Steven Pressfeld is an entire book dedicated to understanding and
beating resistance. Pressfeld even capitalizes the word "resistance." That's how much
respect he has for this invisible force.
It's not that those who create exceptional results in their lives - ftness results, health results,
career results, etc. - don't feel resistance. it's just that those who produce results have learned
to move in the right direction regardless of the resistance they feel in the moment.
in some cases, resistance can even be used to guide our decisions.
Doing vs Being...
the truth is, the only thing you actually have is present moment action. the goal isn't real,
it's just a signpost or a target that's (hopefully) guiding your moment to moment action.
wanting the result without loving the process is resisting what is and focusing on
something that you've created in your mind as an idea. the process is real. the idea is
Theres a secret that real writers know that
wannabe writers dont, and the secret is this:
Its not the writing part thats hard. Whats
hard is sitting down to write. What keeps us
from sitting down to write is Resistance.
From The War of Art
by Steven Pressfeld
Can StoCk Photo InC. / SharIffC
Paleo Pantry List Courtesy of diana rodgers
Just getting started on Paleo? Congratulations!
Heres a basic shopping list to get you going.
water, electrolyte enhanced water, coconut water and herbal teas. for those who
still choose to drink alcohol, tequila is a better choice than beer or sugary mixed
drinks. Mix two shots of tequila with the juice of one lime over ice, and top with soda
water for a Robb wolf norCal Margarita.

look for grass fed meats, pasture raised eggs, free range chicken and wild caught
fsh. eggs, pork (including bacon and sausage), poultry, beef, veal, lamb, game
meats (venison, elk), fsh and shellfsh. Jerky and sardines are great for snacks.
Fats for Cooking

Coconut oil, ghee, butter, lard, tallow.

Visit your local farmers market or seek out the freshest, local produce you can
fnd. Cooked vegetables are easier to digest than raw. roots and tubers should
be peeled. A basic list could include: onions, garlic, carrots, celery, caulifower,
cucumbers, lettuce, swiss chard, kale, cabbage, mushrooms, peppers, broccoli,
sweet potatoes and winter squash.

Go easy on the fruits and focus on berries. Avocados, tomatoes, limes and lemons
are great to have at all times.

Just like fruits, go easy on the nuts. they contain high amounts of omega-6 fatty
acids and have anti-nutrients like phytates. its best to soak and sprout nuts. the
best choices are macadamia nuts, cashews and hazelnuts.
herbs & Spices

As many as you can fnd! Watch out for blends that may contain fllers or MSG. Fill
your cabinets with herbs and spices, and look for fresh ones like cilantro, basil and
parsley at the farmers market or store. switch your table and kosher salt to sea salt.
Other random Items

Coconut milk, chicken and beef broth, canned tomatoes, tomato paste, capers,
olives, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, canned fsh (tuna & sardines), almond
butter and other nut butters, canned chipotles in adobo sauce, mustard, cider
vinegar, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, curry paste, coconut aminos and wheat-
free tamari, almond and coconut four, olive oil (for salad dressing and light cooking),
honey, maple syrup for occasional use in those fun Paleo muffn recipes.
Paleo Shopping resources
Us wellness Meats
lava lake lamb
Black Pig Meat Company
tropical traditions
kasandrinos imports
80 Oct/Nov 2013
met Dr. Gangemi last year in Durham, nC at
the MovNat Certifcation in June. It was four
incredible days of moving, learning, and more
moving. We had a great group of certifcation
candidates, including steve Gangemi, the
sock Doc. the more i got to know the sock Doc the
more I liked and respected him. He has no tolerance
for the status-quo and always tells it like he sees it.
Jeff - Hi Doc, I've got five questions for you,
but before we dive in, will you share with us
what sets you apart from other clinicians?
Dr. Gangemi - My practice focuses on restoring an
individuals health and ftness, as well as preventing
injuries and illness, through an array of manual
therapies, diet and nutrition, and lifestyle and exercise
modifcations. Over my past ffteen years in practice I
have developed various techniques to fgure out and
fx a persons ailment or injury in a relatively quick
and 100% holistic manner. I practice what I preach
which means i eat well, move/exercise often, and
ditch my shoes most of the day - hence the moniker
sock Doc.
Tell us a little about your fitness background.
My ftness background has primarily been in the
endurance arena. i grew up running and cycling a
lot and then got into triathlons in the early 1990s. I
excelled in wrestling in high school not due to strength
but by tiring out the opponent over six minutes.
Eventually i began racing ironman distance events
and performed well enough to qualify for the Hawaii
ironman world Championship six times. Overall ive
raced in twenty Ironman events (fnishing most of
them!) as well as countless other endurance events.
When and where did you find MovNat?
In 2011 a chiropractic student I was, and still am,
mentoring sent me Erwans the workout the world
forgot video and simply put i thought it was the
coolest thing id seen in a long while. i was drawn
to the way he moved so gracefully and effciently
and appreciated the balance of strength, endurance,
and fexibility he had. So that summer I went to the
fve day workshop in West virginia and have been
hooked since.
Tell us about your family, did they
embrace the MovNat lifestyle right
away or did it evolve?
The 2011 MovNat workshop was a huge
transformation for me not just as a new
Movnat student, but also for my entire
family. My family was already very active,
healthy, and eating well, but the Movnat
lifestyle was a step up from what we had
been doing. i learned that i could sustain
myself on a truly Paleo diet whereas
before i was eating a bit more carbs (lots
of sports drinks) and not enough fat,
and i got the kids more focused in that
direction too. I also saw, frst-hand, the
value of many more movement patterns
and human skills which i was lacking.
for the past two decades i was focused
on endurance, not as much strength or
power. so after learning Movnat, we now
can all train various skills together or at
least close to one another, rather than me
going out and running or cycling for hours.
we put up bars to climb and balance
on right away, and the kids and my
The MovNat Lifestyle
Fast Five with Dr. Steve Gangemi...and family.
By: Jeff Turner
wife quickly learned new skills. kids love Movnat,
you dont have to force them to do it (well maybe
sometimes at frst!), it comes to them naturally and
its a lot of fun once they get going.
we often train in our yard together and make
fun games using natural movement. Often training
becomes explorations where the kids do it their own
way. Usually the form the kids have is quite good and
we join in with them, and we get a great workout from
it. Or we do our own movement, and kids come in
and out of participating. it's not really presented as a
"workout" but as play. there is almost always a story
for us the bear hunt has been a recurring theme.
One child leads through the woods, over the branch,
bear crawl, quick run, down the hill, up the hill, on
the road. sometimes there is a pattern when we've
done combos that repeat such as walk on the log, run
around the tree, climb over the vault, crab walk and
repeat, but almost always the kids make up a wild story
to go along with the play. the kids take turns making
up the obstacles and each add an element to the story.
we play games like leap frog - the game of one kid
leaping over another - not the electronic game!
Do you share MovNat with your patients?
If so, how?
After attending the West virginia camp in 2011, I
wanted to learn more Movnat and really get a grasp
of not just the techniques and skills, but also the
lifestyle, which in many respects parallels the Paleo
lifestyle. though Movnat is a physical education
system, i view it more as a way of life a way to live.
So I went to the West virginia camp again in 2012
and to Thailand with my whole family in 2013. I have
also attended both the level i/ii and the level iii
MovNat Certifcation classes to try to learn as much
as I can. Most days in my offce Im teaching my
patients various body movement and stability skills or
lifting techniques. its sad how poorly so many people
move, (or dont move) even professional athletes.
this year, i started my own program using Movnat
skills ive learned over the past two years. these four-
day sock Doc training and treatment workshops
are designed to not just get people moving more
effciently but also deal with often chronic injuries and
movement problems theyve had for so long. The frst
workshop in July was sold out, and the response i
got from participants was amazing! Everybody loves
Movnat skills and sees great value in them regardless
of their background or specialty in sport.
Can you give us three things to
move folks toward a MovNat Lifestyle?
1. Get your family and friends involved and make it
fun! Movnat is for everyone. And its cool. Cool
people do Movnat.
2. try to do some Movnat skill or skills every day.
i often hear the, i dont have access to Movnat
equipment line. sure you might not have logs and
stones in your yard as we do, so fnd something
else to lift and carry (each other). Get out of your
chair and walk, deep squat, or move on the foor for
a change. lose your shoes and go barefoot more
often, not just in your house but outside too.
3. You dont have to be tough to do Movnat but you
may need to toughen up to do it - to move, to fall,
and to get back up. Of course, i would suggest
learning MovNat from a local MovNat Certifed
Trainer (MCT) or affliate gym (you can fnd them
at By learning the principles
and techniques that make up the system, youll
boost your movement effciency by leaps and
bounds. Understanding the difference between
being effcient vs. being effective can prove to be
invaluable in your life. Every time i go to a Movnat
workshop i meet some really great, like-minded
people some really awesome training partners!
For more information about MovNat or to participate
in one of our workshops please go to
For more information about Dr. Steve Gangemi
please visit
Oct/Nov 2013 103
Introducing, Paleo Wraps by
Paleo, Inc. These 100%
Paleo-approved, coconut Paleo
Wraps are taking the Paleo
community by storm! Our Paleo
wraps are a convenient, tortilla
alternative for your Paleo Lifestyle.
Whether you are traveling abroad,
eating at your favorite restaurant or
just going to work, school, or home,
these portable wraps are for you.
Paleo Wraps have a shelf life of up to
nine months. They are also GMO-FREE
for more information.
70 4g 2g
Shown Stued With
Cauliower Rice