*thick but movable portion *Borders: A: Sternum P: 12 thoracic Vertebrae S: Thoracic Outlet and Root of the Neck I: Diaphragm


Pericardiophren ic N.

Fibrous Pericardium

Serous- Parietal Pericardium.

Serous-Visceral Pericardium.

na ior Ve Super Cava Aort a

Pulmonary Trunk

Sulcus terminalis

Right Auricle Right Atrium

Transverse Pericardial Sinus

Coronary Sinus Right Ventricle Left Ventricle

Posterior Interventricular Sulcus and Posterior Interventricular Branch of Right Coronary A.

Superior Vena Cava Pulmonary Veins Left Atrium Inferior Vena Cava Coronary Sinus Left Ventricle

A pex

Transverse Pericardial Sinus

Oblique Pericardial Sinus

Superior Vena Cava

Descending Aorta Pulmonary Trunk

Pulmonary Veins
Esophageal Prominence

Inferior Vena Cave Diaphragmatic Part of Pericardium

R. Coronary A.

Right Marginal Branch of RCA

L. Coronary A. Circumflex Branch of LCA. L Marginal Artery Great Cardiac V. Ant. Interventricular Branch of LCA Diagonal Branch of Ant. Interventricular A..

Left Atrium.

Great Cardiac V. Circumflex Branch of LCA.

Posterior V. of LV

Coronary Small Vein Cardiac V.. Posterior Interventricular Branch of RCA. Middle Cardiac V. Right Ventricle Left Ventricle

Conus Arteriosus.

Going to SVC

Left Auricle Crista terminalis Musculi pectinati.

Valve of Coronary Sinus

Crista terminalis

Annulus ovalis Fossa Ovalis Floor of FO Valve of Coronary Sinus Valve of IVC

Septal Papillary M. Tricuspu d V.

Moderator Band Chordae tendinae Anterior Papillary M

Trabeculae carnae

Trabeculae Carnae

Tricuspid Valve Chordae tendinae Anterior Papillary M Moderator Band

Pulmonary Trunk

Pulmonary Valve Conus arteriosus

Septal Papillary M Interventricular Septum Tricuspid (Anterior) Moderator Band Anterior Papillary M

Trabeculae carnae Mitral Valve Chordae tendinae Anterior Papillary muscle

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