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Las Vegas Parks Fees Report

Las Vegas Parks Fees Report

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Consultant report with recommended fee increases for Las Vegas parks programs and services.
Consultant report with recommended fee increases for Las Vegas parks programs and services.

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Published by: LVReviewJournal on Sep 19, 2013
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PROS Consulting worked with the staff from the City of Las Vegas Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood
Services Department (“Department”) to develop an update to the Pricing and Revenue Plan. For the
Department to move forward, it is important that these support services keep pace with the growing
population’s needs and wants and the financial sustainability goals for the City. Currently, the City of
Las Vegas is closing in on a population of 600,000, and the Department has a tremendous responsibility
to provide quality parks and open spaces, recreation facilities, programs and neighborhood services for
the community. It goes without saying that the opportunity to offer high quality offerings is dependent
on available resources and the ability to generate newer ones.

It is foreseeable that the economic diversity in the community and the Department’s mandate to ensure

equity of service puts additional pressure on pricing policies and cost recovery goals. It is recognized
that fiscal management including, cost of service studies, earned income opportunities and revenue and
pricing policies are some of the key components that will enable the Department to meet its long term
vision and short term financial goals.

A project such as this required the City and the Consulting Team to work as a single team, not one where
the consultant works in a vacuum. Sound data collection, constant client-consultant communication and
wide spread staff input were vital to ensure in-depth understanding and analysis of the situation. The
project’s philosophy sought to translate the Department’s financial vision into objective revenue goals,
strategies and performance measures that drive superior organizational performance while meeting the
financial structural needs of the city established by the city manager’s office. Additionally, the ability
to generate a collaborative approach including the elected officials, and other City departments is
essential to ensure buy-in and successful implementation of the recommendations.

This final product should be viewed a living document and decision making tool to support effective and
immediate implementation of recommendations. This includes but is not limited to the following:

Recommended Pricing Philosophy, Financial Cost of Service Modeling for all programs and
facilities managed by the Department, and Revenue Strategies to grow revenue to support
operational and capital costs

Recommended financial policies to the insure financial viability of the City for parks, recreation
facilities, programs and neighborhood services , both short term and long-term

Recommended financial and operational procedures to continue to update and assessment the

financial status of the City’s programs and service after this project is completed

Tactics to manage short term gaps in revenues and expenditures

Methods to ensure staff input and involvement in the process

Implementation plan to support a successful transition to a new pricing philosophy and methods

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