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ROLL CARRIER AGV AGV leaving station with paper roll AGV picking up raw paper roll at a

delivered to dolly. central storage area for delivery to

Our REL series fork truck press.
AGV’s can be equipped
with roll handling forks for
the Roll and Paper Hand-
ling Industry such as this
one for Columbus Dispatch

Shuttle pulls dolly with paper roll

into press for loading. Paper scrap from the presses is
loaded into scrap carts. Once full
the AGV picks up the cart for
delivery to a garbage dumping
A typical newspaper roll
handling press station
equipped with a delivery
dolly and shuttle.

The process begins at the location

where the purchased rolls are
stored. The AGV picks up the
paper rolls with the original
packaging still on the roll. Corecon’s engineering staff can
also custom design automated
interfaces specifically for any
Typical dolly and in ground special requirements you may
shuttle interface. have.

775 North Duvick Ave
The AGV delivers the roll to a dolly
at a stripping station where the Sandwich, IL 60548
outer packaging is removed. PH.:(815) 786-1001
Another AGV then picks up the FAX:(815) 786-1007
AGV delivering paper roll to ready to use roll for either delivery Our Website can be found at:
dolly. to a central roll storage location or
directly to a press.