, teachers and friends. I am here today to give a talk entitled the benefits of field trips in education. Field trips are defined are educational experience conducted during school hours and planned by a teacher to correlate with the regular classroom instructional programmed. The experienced gain during field trips should give relevant and meaning to knowledge. Field trips also consist a group of students and their teacher going to a side other than their classroom to increase their understanding of the exposure to curriculum related topics. The trips may include a visit to a facility to explore its collection, a working tower to learn about some aspects of the surroundings or some other types of educational experience. Teachers and friends, A field trips help students get excited about learning. It gets students away from not so fun classroom environment. Field trips help students learn different things even outside of school. Field trips give students a chance to experience more hands-on learning while also being introduce to a new environment. It is also can provide challenges that allow for more individual learning. Students can get as much information as they want. Students visiting different educational facilities learn in a more hands-on learning and interactive manner than they do in school. Science museum for example often have areas where kids can touch and displays such as petting zoos and interactive with computer programs. Besides, letting kids learn by doing, experts believe there are different methods of learning including visual, auditory, and tactile. Depending on the type of field trips, teachers can take advantage of this by allowing kids to not only observe but also to actively participate in the events going on around them. Other than that, both the students and the teachers get benefits from field trips. Students get the chance to see with their own eyes a historical time they have read about. For example, when visiting a zoo or museum stage like that very time in history they have imagined. In addition, teachers will also get to go into more details while at the location to directly point our certain points she may not have been able to make with words alone. When it’s time for a test on the things they have experienced, students will remember what they saw and their personal experience to draw from. It will be much easier and meaningful than memorizing textbook materials. That’s all from me. Thank you for listening.

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