The action will be recorded in some buildings, 2 appartaments, school, club and on the street.

The movie is about a girl that starts to take drugs because of her best friend. She starts stealing from her parrents to buy drugs.

Act 1 (school)": { Zoom on the 2 girls. Childs are running near them. The girls are talking. (Background noises) {First-plan on Maria and Ioana (the sound starts to clarify. Only the girls can be heard and very little background noise}

Maria: I met a very handsome guy yesterday in the club. I'll go out with him today, wanna come with me? Ioana: I think i'll come because i had a fight with my parrents this morning. Maria: More friends will come too. Mabye you will have some fun this evening. Ioana: You know i'm not that kind of girl, But maybe i'll drink a couple of drinks. Just to chill. Maria: Ok, then we'll meet at seven or eight o'clock at my house. Ioana: It's perfect. I'll go to change my clothes and to make up. Then i'll need to find an excuse for my parents. Maria: Ok. Call me when you will leave towards me. Ioana: Perfect. I can't wait to see him. Bye. Maria: You will like him. Bye.

Act 2 (In front of Ioana's home): [Ioana is calling maria.

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