An Energy & Environment Conscious, Sustainable & Prosperous Organization

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Focused on Cement and Power.

Largest Cement Player of North India.

Turnover in 2011-12 (15 months) Rs. 5898 crore

An Energy & Environment Conscious Sustainable Organization

Board of Directors
Shri B.G.Bangur
Shri H.M.Bangur Shri Y.K.Alagh Shri R.L.Gaggar Shri O.P.Setia Shri S.K.Somany Shri Nitin Desai Shri M.K.Singhi Shri Prashant Bangur

Non-Executive Chairman
Managing Director Ex Cabinet Minister and Economist Solicitor Ex Managing Director - SBI Technocrat Economist Executive Director Whole-Time Director


SHREE PHILOSOPHY Quality and Energy Conscious Environment and Employee Friendly Socially Responsive Customer Responsive Investors Rewarding Sustainable Organisation 5 .

support innovation and reward .by developing individual leadership competencies at entry level.SHREE – VISION AND VALUES OUR GUIDING PRINCIPLES Socially responsible behavior Accountable to all stakeholders Good corporate governance practices Integrity of conduct Clarity & Unambiguity in communication 6 VISION To drive and sustain industry leadership of the company within a global context . through a robust backbone of trust.

Changing Scenario Total Productivity Management Total Profit Management Total Prosperity Management An Energy & Environment Conscious. Sustainable & Prosperous Organization .Shree Cement Profile The Aim To lead Company from good to great.

2 mtpa 1.5 mpta Contributing to Bharat Nirman 8 8 .8 mtpa Jaipur Total 1.SHREE – Cement Overview Cement Business the bedrock Location Beawar Ras Khushkhera Suratgarh Roorkee Capacity 3.0 mpta 3.5 mtpa 13.0 mtpa 1.0 mtpa 3.

GP = Green Power (WHRB) Contributing to India’s Energy Security 9 9 .SHREE – Power Overview Power Business New Avenue Location Beawar (TP) Ras (TP) Total 342 MW 172 MW Beawar & Ras (GP) Total 46 MW 560 MW TP= Thermal power .

9 3.2 .06.5 12 12 10 8 6 4 2 05-06 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10 11-12 (30.3 4.1 6.Capacity Growth .12) 9.Cement Rapidly Growing Cement Capacity (Million Tonnes) 13.Shree .

12) 45 65 102 119 210 260 .Shree .Power Power Capacity (MW) .6.Capacity Growth .More than Quadrupled in 4 years 600 500 560 400 300 200 100 0 05-06 06-07 07-08 08-09 09-10 10-11 11-12 (30.

12 . Delhi & Haryana.SHREE BRANDS SHREE ULTRA RED OXIDE BANGUR CEMENT ROCKSTRONG CEMENT “Shree Ultra Red Oxide” “Bangur Cement” “Rockstrong Cement” Leadership position in highly competitive and larger markets of Rajasthan.

PRESENTATION SEQUENCE Shree Profile SCL Performance .Operational SCL Performance .Financial SCL Performance .Environment and Social Awards and Recognitions .

SHREE.FINANCIAL STRENGTH 7000 6000 5000 Rs.Crores Operating Profit Turnover 5898 4000 3000 2109 2000 1000 3632 2715 1578 939 1034 1010 3454 1808 0 '07-08 '08-09 '09-10 10-11 11-12 (15 mnts) Consistently increasing Turnover and Operating Profits 14 .

08% since inception (Feb-85) 8012 7234 10590 8000 6000 4000 2000 0 31/03/05 31/03/06 31/03/07 31/03/08 31/03/09 1191 3113 3214 3823 2475 31/03/10 31/3/2011 30/6/2012 Steep rise in Market Capitalization over the years 15 .FINANCIAL STRENGTH 12000 10000 Rs.Crores IRR as on 30th June 2012 on investment in Shree is 26.SHREE.

SHREE.1 18.8 30 24.2 Return on net worth (in %) 20 10 0 '06-07 '07-08 '08-09 '09-10 10-11 7.Crores 2734 2000 1500 1000 500 0 455 673 1210 1.833 1986 Increasing net worth showing financial strength 31/03/07 31/03/08 31/03/09 31/3/10 31/3/11 30/6/12 50 40 Percentage 48.5 36.4 36.FINANCIAL STRENGTH 3000 2500 Rs.5 11-12 (15 mnts) 16 .

Sharing growth with Stakeholders 5000 4000 3000 4625 3632 1368 611 474 3512 2109 939 698 '07-08 Turnover 2710 1578 993 828 '08-09 Op. to Exchequer 200 Percentage 130 100 70 80 140 Increasing Dividend payout over the years '06-07 '07-08 '08-09 '09-10 10-11 11-12 (15 mnts) 17 . Profit Rs.SHREE. Crore 2000 1000 0 1010 871 1004 '09-10 10-11 1295 1100 11-12 Increased Turnover and Profits results in Increased contribution to Exchequer '06-07 Cont.

crores 400 300 200 174 255 78 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 (15 mnts) Power sale revenue increasing multi-fold 100 0 1400 1200 Million Units 1322 1000 800 600 400 200 0 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 (15 mnts) Sale volumes increased ten times over last four years 524 265 121 .Power sale – New avenue for Growth 700 600 575 500 Rs.

PRESENTATION SEQUENCE Shree Profile SCL Performance .Financial SCL Performance .Environment and Social Awards and Recognitions .Operational SCL Performance .

SHREE. of cement kilns after .Both Cement and Power plants. First Cement company in India to produce Synthetic Gypsum to replace use of natural gypsum in cement manufacturing.Significant Firsts by Shree First company in the World to utilize 100% Petcoke in all its operations . First Cement company in India to be given 4 star rating by Whitehopleman UK. Fastest stabilization commissioning.

Information Technology SHREE – IT driven Company .SHREE.

scalable and connects all SCL business locations.IT Infrastructure Data Loss Uptime Paper Use Connectivity Response Time Security One of the most secure. .

Online communication between all company locations and all the stock points across the country with the use of MPLS VPN.Information Technology Adopts latest Technologies & Tools to achieve: Business Edge Migrate the enterprise to a virtually paperless working level Complete transparency through online realtime working Comprehensive Knowledge Management through knowledge sharing Transport Freight Bidding System and eprocurement system. .SHREE.

Launched integrated “RF-ID Smart Card” for governing vehicle movement First time CCR based Lime Stone Mining using “Shree Dynamine” Operator Independent Truck Dispatch System Shree won the “Silver CIO Award 2008” which is revered as the “OSCAR” of the Indian IT industry for the case study on “Implementation of Reverse Auction of Cement Transportation”. one of the advanced solution driven ERP systems in the Suite.SHREE. .Information Technology Successfully implemented Oracle E .

blogs for Knowledge sharing e-Library & Kiosks Online IT Helpdesk. with User self service Shree Manthan Discussion Forums & Interactive Surveys Circulars & HR information made available online Computer Based Tutorials.Knowledge Management Online Forums. portal. Pictures & Videos Online Comments & Feedback .

GL. Payroll.ERP – Business Suite Purchasing Sales & Distribution/ Logistics Finance ( AP. . Time and Labour} Process Manufacturing Project Management Standard ERP suite has been extensively customized & enhanced to incorporate SCL Business practices. AR. HR. CM ) Enterprise Assets Management Production Management HRMS {Self Service.

Shree – Masters in Project Execution Kiln Commissioning time over the years Unit VII and Unit VIII commissioned in World Record time against Industry average of 630 days .

Shree – Speeding up execution .cont Power Plant Commissioning – ahead of benchmarks Industry Average SCL execution 30 Execution period (Months) 22 18 12 21 15 18 MW 50 MW 150 MW SCL has developed a highly skilled and experienced power plant execution team that not only commissions plants faster but stabilization is also much faster ..

Shree – Economies in execution One of the lowest project cost Highly skilled and experienced project team Innovative work practices applied in project execution Lower interest and other pre-operative cost Support to Vendors & Contractors – Partner in execution “Desire to better the past” instinct in project execution team SCL project cost is the lowest in industry .

Excellent Project Execution .SHREE.

SHREE.Excellent Project Execution .

Operational SCL Performance .PRESENTATION SEQUENCE Shree Profile SCL Performance .Environment and Social Awards and Recognitions .Financial SCL Performance .

8000 – Social Accountability ISO-9001 Quality Management *BS-EN 16001 – Energy Management System MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS *First Process & Cement manufacturing Industry in World to be awarded an Energy Management System Certification by British Standard Institute UK.SHREE. .Management Systems ISO-14001 – Environmental Management System OHSAS-18001–Occupational Health & Safety SA.

SHREE.Global Participation First Indian Cement Company to join Cement Sustainability Initiatives of World Business Council for Sustainable Business Development (WBCSD) • • • • • • • Climate Protection Fuels and raw materials use Employee health and safety Emissions reduction Local impacts on land and communities Communications and progress reporting Concrete recycling .

of India. Japan.Global Participation Member of Cement Sector Task force of Asia Pacific Partnership formed by Govt. . Canada and Australia Global Reporting Initiative for improving sharing of information on Environment and Social issues Endorsed the global round table Joint Statement on climate Change to discuss issues for shaping public policy on climate change. USA. Korea. China.

A few of these is given below: .Global Participation Participated in various international meetings and forums for Environment management.

in Reclaimer I Installation of High Efficiency Fan in main ESP Fan in Kiln II CO2 Saving (Ton/ Annum) 203 1166 1054 1004 385 466 .Greening the Environment Strategies for ClimateUse Security Judicious is WiseEnergy Use - Management Efforts Installed air dryer and controller in the compressor Unit-III Replaced roller table liner in Coal Mill II with new one Installed VFD in 6 Dust collectors at Packing Plant Replaced old motors with energy efficient motors in Kiln I Optimized Belt Conveyor speed & capacity utilization.

Implemented Largest Waste Heat Power Plants capacity of 46 MW in World Cement Industry excluding China. .First in Environment First Cement company in World to fetch Certified Emission Reductions (CER’s) on its Clean Development Mechanism project “Optimal Utilization of Clinker”.SHREE. First Indian cement company to issue Corporate Sustainability Report following the highest level “A+” for reporting triple bottom line performance.

SHREE – Socially Responsive Community focused Healthcare Initiatives Education initiatives Infrastructure Development Generating Sustainable livelihood 39 .

40 . • Aimed at institutionalizing welfare efforts from “Need based” to “Plan Based” • Regular meetings with Panchayat (Local Authority) to identify developmental needs & ways to implement.Community Upliftment Efforts • Registration of SHREE RURAL FOUNDATION – platform to carry out welfare activities.

50 Lacs for reconstruction of Budha Pushkar (Religious site) • Contributed Rs.Community Upliftment Efforts • Contributed Rs. 41 . Ajmer • Contributed Rs. One Crore for setting up a Neurosurgical Centre at JLN Hospital. 25 Lacs for building of “Institute of Chartered Accountants of India” at Beawar. One crore on the occassion of Rajasthan Foundation Day • Contributed Rs.

• Development of various Road networks and other infrastructure for local community 42 . 21 lacs for Kosi river Flood victims of Bihar • Supported relief operations for flood affected people of Barmer.Community Upliftment Efforts • Contributed Rs.

2012): 3778 43 . of employees (30th June.SHREE – People friendly Company  One of India’s top 20 best employers  Shree Family culture  Participative management  High happiness quotient  Sustained Promotion policy  No.

PRESENTATION SEQUENCE Shree Profile SCL Performance .Environment and Social Awards and Recognitions .Operational Performance .Financial Performance .

China in September-2011 45 45 .SHREE – New Sustainability Champion  Identified as new World Sustainability Champions by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Boston Consulting Group (BCG)  Selected after identification of over 11 million projects / companies and screening of 1000 companies of emerging economies  Study was shared at Summer Davos Summit held in Dalian.

Govt. of Rajasthan for maximum tax payment for the year 2010-2011 in "manufacturer" category Green Business Leadership Award by FE-EVI Best Environmental Excellence in Plant Operation Award by NCCBM National Water Management Award by CII Second best Quality Excellence Award by NCCBM 46 46 .SHREE – An Award Winner all the way Commendation Certificate by CII-ITC for its achievements on the journey towards sustainable development Jamnalal Bajaj Award for Fair Business Practices ICWAI National Award for Excellence in Cost Management Nirmata Rajya Mitra Award by Department of Taxes.

in Contact us at: .THANK YOU Visit us at: www.shreecement.

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