In the previous century, many western ‘medicine men’ or ‘hospital men’, including those who claimed to be doctors and

/or health care specialists went to poor Third World nations to ply their trade. Many of these people possessed noble aims but there were were quite a number of them who truly qualifed to be called Mengele doctors or doctors of death. Some of these doctors of death were American citizens who went to south America to blithely practise their dirty or unethical work on unsuspecting patients and helpless folks. There were numerous cases in Guatemala where in the 1940s, American doctors secretly conducted STD experiments on poor Guatemalans in a manner not unlike the infamous Jap doctors who conducted horribly dirty work during WW2. Then there were those very shameful Tuskegee experiments carried out in some years between 1932 to 1972. And then there was that good American medicine man, Dr “Dusty” Rhoads, who injected or transplanted cancerous cells into the bodies of some of his unsuspecting patients as part of his ‘work studies’ in Puerto Rico during the 1930s. Clearly, a medicine man can become an evil doctor.

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