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Photos of Avantgardens
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Avantgardens The Permaculture C up of Tea: The Rules of the Game There is a great variety of natural laws and principles and, as designers, we use these as active tools, literally directives to act, whereas those who discovered them did so as a result of a passive process of observation. The greatest difficulty we have as designers is in the intelligent local applicati... See More Rui Amaral, Ildikó Göntér, Francesca Friggione and 38 others like this. Top C omments

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Maybe stick it on a wood stove x 1 · June 18 at 2:00am 2 Replies Avantgardens Don't shoot the messanger Tom... yet we don't see the plan and it is well. the negative impact could have a reason to do with the setting up of a major shift we as yet have no idea of at this time.33 shares Tom Smith Yea . June 18 at 2:11am Ian Thomas Digges I love this type of stuff 1 · June 18 at 6:23am Tom Smith Ever tried boiling water with off grid electrics? A kettle is usually 2500 . that's way the obsession with vernacular practices and structures. I like it it's just good that we all continue to share pragmatic info to help people craft their little bio-bubble-bonanzas 1 · June 18 at 2:09am Avantgardens my thoughts exactly.. Hope you have a big system. we like to think we're in control or exclusively 'out of control' but all the while our worst is as much expected and intended as our best. I knoe exactly what you mean.3000w. 1 · June 18 at 2:21am Mobile About Find Friends C reate Ad Badges C reate Page People Developers Pages C areers Places Privacy Apps C ookies Games Terms Music Help Facebook © 2013 · English (US) open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? Try out the HTML to PDF API pdfcrowd. lol June 18 at 2:02am · Edited Steve Loki Tara I often wonder at what Mother Nature has set in motion by evolving us as the more influential species.