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Group Members: ____________________________________ Date: ____________________________________

Your group represents an organ system, but you have lost one of your organs! You must work together to make a “Missing Organ” poster with the information you fill into this worksheet. Example:

Last seen in Brain City, next to Brain Stem Park Approximately the size of a pearl, but VERY important! The human body cannot survive without it… Needed for Autonomic Function Control, Endocrine Function Control, Bodily Regulation, and Motor Function Control A replacement donor has not yet been found; therefore we NEED to bring Henry Hypothalamus home!

If seen contact the Endocrine System – located primarily in Brain City

Group Members: ____________________________________ Date: ____________________________________

Grading Rubric
Criteria Organ Systems Worksheet Missing Organ Poster Requirements  Contact info (system it belongs to)  Location (where it hangs out, last seen)  Duties  Can we live without it?  Can it be replaced?  Picture/Physical descriptors Presentation  Shared speaking roles  Presenters are prepared  Communicated information clearly 5 All questions are complete All requirements are met 3-4 Most questions are complete 0-2 Few or no questions are complete Most Few or no requirements are requirements are met met

Presented to the class very well

Presented to the class okay

Didn’t do the presentation

Group Members: ____________________________________ Date: ____________________________________
Contact Information (Organ System) Name of organ system:



List of Organs:

Group Members: ____________________________________ Date: ____________________________________
Missing Organ Information Location (Where it likes to hang out/Where it was last seen):

Duties (What does this organ do in the human body):

What does it look like? (Size, shape, weight, etc.):

Can we live without it? (What will happen if it isn’t found?):

Is there a replacement option? (Can a donor organ be used? Can it be biomedicallly manufactured?):