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Published by Marc Boyer
This is our Quadra trust membership that protects every old MMAR victims especially. READ IT and enjoy that Scot Free feeling. - it's only one form + i page of detailed explanation of my Sept 16th ADDENDUM
This is our Quadra trust membership that protects every old MMAR victims especially. READ IT and enjoy that Scot Free feeling. - it's only one form + i page of detailed explanation of my Sept 16th ADDENDUM

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Published by: Marc Boyer on Sep 19, 2013
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XBC-MMAR trust

As an agent of Our 420 Quadra Federal Agency

I __________________________________ DECLARE TO UPHOLD our common law right [print your name in upper and lower case] to Freedom of Contract under common law, and in this way be my own Federal Agent in this BC-MMAR trust, in order to uphold the basic requirements to re claim what was once erroneously taken from us all. NAMELY: Our inalienable right to be a private individual, and be treated to equal protection as equals before and under our Constitutional rule of law. AND in order to settle this issue and matter Peaceful, I hereby stand under this Pure Trust that is, at face value, founded on perfecting the form offered under the OPPT-UCC trust Challenge of serving the Creator's best interests.



as my own private individual I entrust the one with my own name to act on my behalf, in order to benefit from the rule of law in a civil society, by agreeing to keep the Peace and be of Good behaviour

DATE: ________________

NOTARY or J.P. ___________________________

Sept 19, 2013 IN REGARD TO CLARIFYING CERTAIN POINTS about these memberships

CAVEAT: By the time the Trustee gets to write theses stipulations, you probably won't get what he's
saying so i'll do my best to make it simple. [watch my 'videos for dummies' series coming real soon]

1- The Party Membership: most parties charge for this form – we don't – never have.
– – The EDA membership is also Free. I am not accepting EDA members into our Quadra EDA, and it would take at least 4-pages to outline why – you're not a lawyer so who cares. When an EDA opens close to you, [or join an internet provider's club] then you have to meet their requirements to be a member of that Co-op Dispensary club in that community. - Every City Hall that takes a 10% city tax will set that standard, some will be worse than others. This Dispensary will charge for an annual membership to be a member of their club. Until told otherwise – many of the clubs here will be working under the same rules as the city set, when they opened. Others will be operating under the guidelines suggested by the MMPR which is – you need a 'nurse's note' to get your medicine. It's a reasonable offer to have a nurse /receptionist in every dispensary, as a stipulation to getting a club license.

2- The BC-MMAR trust: This document above actually makes you a SCOUNDREL in law.
– – – – – – The power contained in our Pier Trust is what gave you a clean slate, AND this form says that it's a membership to our Pure trust; [blind trust] this is a ticket to start anew, from this day on, The Pier trust made your past criminal record [for cannabis related offences] be expunged. The Pure trust means the Cannabis industry is being institutionalized and self-regulating. All you have to do is follow our rules and regulations and you simply cannot be charged. We are forming several Federal Agencies under our Quadra EDA Our 420 Quadra Federal Agency enshrines your Charter upheld rights to reasonable access to this herbal medicine, from a safe and secure source. [like the MMAR did but much better] IN LAW: Under our Pure trust - You're converted into being a born again 'donor'; you're Free By law this requires an initial donation. The number $4.20 - $42. and - $420 is just purely for my own personal satisfaction. All of this money is held on the Good Ship Lollipot is actually in a tax-free account that pays 10% straight interest per year in trust, until you take it out. FOR EXAMPLE – This original $42. donation is being set as your over-draft protection, when you buy your medicine. The moment you withdraw it all, means you are no longer a member. FOR EXAMPLE: Any and every welfare member will need to pay $4.20 and we have set up a pool to pay your $42.- This gives you an overdraft protection for 90% of this money on deposit. – In other word you can't spend the last 42 cents on this over-draft or you're out of the club. FOR EXAMPLE: Ask anyone: offshore banks is how you launder money, and we are not permitting this to happen at our trust. The max anyone can put in their debit card is $420. any donation or deposit that makes your balance over $420. will simply be seized, and returned to you, we are not robbing it, we simply are not accepting it. – This said: Money is called an 'issue' and every 'thing' else is called 'fungible goods' – The reason a commercial grower can wash the liability of all the grow-op equipment and kilos of cannabis [for example] is because they become things under a chattel trust. IF YOU HAVE THINGS TO CHATTEL: You get to subscribe to Our Cannabis Cultural Guild. To become a member in Good-standing of this Guild requires a $420 tax donation to Our EDA. It's like a penalty box, where get to grow-out your last crop, and them you can't sell it until you have a provincial Co-op to sell to, and we encourage you to do just that. Once you get your own EDA, or fall under another EDA ,then we'll kick you out of the crib, Then you go play in your own garden. [this chattel thing will require a lot more explaining] BOTTOM LINE: For $42. you're a scoundrel AND for $420. you're a bigger scoundrel.

– –

– –

– – –

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