Miryam was sitting in the bar of the base camp outside Madrid you sat next to her on your second Bacardi drawing on a smoke she was sipping a glass of white wine where'd you get to last night? she asked thought you were going to come to my tent? thought your tent mate would be there you said no we had a row and she went to share with Moaning Margaret Miryam said didn't know you said else I'd have come along she sipped her wine looking around the bar spent a lonely night she said you exhaled smoke and looked at her taking in her frizzy red hair her eyes her small tight tits her tongue licking the lips I had that army guy with me you said

ex-army I should say he got thrown out why was that? she asked he didn't say you said and you thought on the guy and how he went on and on about his mother's new boyfriend and how he felt pushed out and the army life was getting him down and he did something whatever and got thrown out Miryam drained her glass I'm going now where to? you asked my tent she said been a long day touring around Madrid you stumped out your cigarette butt in the glass ashtray are you coming? she asked you looked uncertain you don't have to she said I can always sleep alone again what if your tent mate comes back? you asked she won't Miryam said

too much was said you drained your glass and put it down on the bar top now? don't you want to go to the disco in the other bar by base camp? no I'm tired she said ok you said see you later later? she moaned I want to go to the disco you said she shrugged her shoulders and stormed off out the bar into the night air you went outside and she had gone between tents into the darkness disco music thumped from the other bar across the way sounds of laughter and voices calling out and Bill waving to you from his tent on his way to the other bar his long wavy hair caught in the breeze

and jeans with holes or tears in the knees and you thinking of Miryam in her tent alone no longer waiting maybe fuming getting undressed wanting you not wanting to rest and back at your tent the army guy lying there full of woe waiting for your return to tell his tale of life that fate had sent walking to the other bar (with Bill) you wished you'd gone to Miryam's tent.

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