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You are entering the Great Poetry Competition. You want to tell your penpal about the competition.

Your pen-pal, Jenny

• A friendly letter • Informal tone

1) Openi ng 2) Body 3) Closing

1) Address your audience

Dear Tommy, Dear friends,

2) Begin your letter with these phrases:

• • • •

How are you? I hope you are doing well in school. I am very excited as the school holidays are here again! What have you been doing?

3) State PURPOSE of the letter

1) Talk about the points mentioned in question • • • • • • Who is holding the poetry competition What you stand to win Different types of poems allowed Who can take part What are the conditions How you feel about the competition

• • • • Organise points into paragraphs Put related points in the same paragraph Use a variety of sentence structures Use the key words in the given poster

1) End your letter with these phrases

• I am really looking forward to winning a prize in the competition • I will write to you again soon. • I am going to write the poem now! • Wish me luck!

2) Signing off

Formal? Informal?

1) Signing off

• Regards, • From, • Your friend, • Love,

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