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1 Executive Summary Proposal

1 Executive Summary Proposal

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600 MW “Zero” Emissions: Hybrid Flexible Oxy-Combined Clean Heat and Power Polygeneration (OXY-CCHPP) 400 MW Coupled Hybrid Advanced Energy Storage
First Phase Of Four (4) Separately Developed Phases Waste Heat Recovery and Combined Heat and Power Enabling >10,000 MW Intermittent/Variable Wind and Solar >2020 Enabling >2,000,000-AF Antelope Valley Water Bank and Recharge

Enabling Policy Goals:
U.S S.6001 GHG, AB900, SB292, SB226, DOE, EPA NSPS, ARB, CPUC, CEC, AB32 GHG, SB1368, SBX1-2 20K/MW, AB1925, 2011 IEPR 6.5K/MW ADDED CHP+ENERGY STORAGE.

CEQA-EIR, NEPA-EIS NEWLY ADOPTED CATEGORICAL EXEMPTIONS (2011) Subject Site CEQA_EIR Via AB900, SB292, SB226 Categorical Exemption (Oct-2011)

Subject Site NEPA EIS Via FERC/EPA Multi-Purpose Transmission Designated Corridor (2011)

Consortium: GE. 92101 *Current Status and Project Update: First Phase of Four (4) Separate Phases. 2011: ZERO EMISSION CES NGCC and CT integrated OXYFUEL COMBUSTION DESIGN COST and PERFORMANCE report WESTCARB CEC 500-2010-502 (OCT-2011). (Attached) Design phase planned coupled MED system initiated September-2011. NCND/MOU Black and Veatch.ca. 110 West “C” Street #2101 San Diego. http://www.energy. (SDSU) SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING IPT dept.com *2011 DISTRIBUTED GENERATION: 1MW-300MW NETWORK TRANSMISSION.Submitted by: Sundance Hybrid Power Solutions Inc. Turnkey Comprehensive EPC all-in cost GE LMS100 simple cycle completed August2011.ca. NCND Burns and Mcdonnel. .LMS100 OEM. WESTCARB (CEC) PIER October 1. Ca.pdf POWER /WATER OFF-TAKERS AVAILABLE PER BILATERAL NEGOTIATIONS RFP/RFO CREZ MUST TAKE. In collaboration with Pacific Clean Energy Application Center for CHP Combined clean Heat and Power. Prepared By: Robert “Rik” Kemper NASA. Mechanical.gov/business_meetings/2011_packets/2011-0420/Item_15/500-10-037_CRF.pdf CEC 500-2010-037 STONE & WEBSTER http://www. Project Assistance Sponsors: (DOE) US Department of Energy and The California Energy Commission ( CEC). NCND A123. CEC 500-2010-037 (DUE-2012) .energy. Email : templarknightz@yahoo. UC BERKELEY. ACCESS: 2015-2020 Zero Emissions GHG CO2 pipeline (proposed) EOR/SALINE at CAL-CEMENT 9-MLS/N. UC IRVINE. NETL (Registered) Industrial. Electrical Technical Consultant.gov/contracts/RFP_500-10-502/00-RFP-500-10502.

pdf http://www. AND REGULATORY EVALUATION OF THE FEASIBILITY OF A NATIONAL PIPELINE INFRASTRUCTURE FOR THE TRANSPORT AND STORAGE OF CARBON DIOXIDE.gov/contracts/RFP_500-10-502/addendum-01/05-PreBid_Presentations.kirj.netl.harvard.org/downloads/Background_Reports_for_CCS.pdf 2009 U.pdf http://www. .pdf 2011 FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS BY THE CALIFORNIA CARBON CAPTURE AND STORAGE REVIEW PANEL http://www.gov/technologies/carbon_seq/refshelf/project %20portfolio/2011/SelectedPubs/US%20DOE%20RCSP%20Program.energy.ca.energy.netl.org/pdf/fact_sheets/ccs.wri.pdf 2011 CCS WESTCARB GUIDELINES.pdf 2011JULY CCS DOE REGIONAL SEQUESTRATION PARTNERSHIPS http://belfercenter.westcarb. LEGAL.pdf http://www.(RCSP) http://prod75inter1.pdf http://www.ee/public/oilshale_pdf/2011/issue_1s/Oil2011-1-240-252.pdf http://www.gov/publications/proceedings/07/rcsp/factsheet s/6-WESTCARB_Integrated%20Capture%20and%20CO2%20Storage %20in%20Central%20Val.nma.ksg.edu/files/Hart%20Putting%20It%20All%20Together%20DP%20ETIP%202011%20web.gov/technologies/carbon_seq/refshelf/news/2011/2011-Newsletter-Index.pdf 2011 DOE/NETL WESTCARB PHASE III FACT SHEET: http://www.p df 2010 AUGUST-TO-2011 SEPTEMBER DOE/NETL EXECUTIVE SUMMARY AND A LINK TO THE REPORT OF THE INTERAGENCY TASK FORCE FOR CCS.org/annualmtg_2010sacramento_pdfs/Deel.gov/publications/proceedings/08/rcsp/ factsheets/22-WESTCARB_Large%20Volume %20Sequestration%20Test_PhIII.gov/contracts/RFP_500-10-502/Att20PrelimAssessment.ca.org/ccs_guidelines.pdf 2011 (APR.pdf http://www.pdf http://www.-2009/TO/DEC.netl.doe.ifpenergiesnouvelles. http://pdf.netl.doe.doe.pdf http://ucciee.http://www.doe.org/annualmtg_2010sacramento_pdfs/Lityns ki.pdf http://www.westcarb. http://www.westcarb.com/UserFiles/file/ESF/ESF-CO2Storage_U_S_%20Carbon%20Sequestration%20Research %20in%20the%20Regional%20Carbon%20Sequestration%20Partnership%20Program_RFinley.org/annualmtg_2010sacramento_pdfs/Deel.co2geonet.com/content/download/69636/1500052/file/17_FERNALD.2010) A POLICY.S DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY’S REGIONAL CARBON SEQUESTRATION PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM : OVERVIEW DOE/NETL 2005-2011 KIMBERLINA SALINE VALIDATION PHASE.

http://www.pdf Conceptual Photograph Of 500MW CHP Power Plant Without Water Desalination .org/downloads/pipeline.sseb.

fired combustion turbine generators ( CTGs ) . The TRETP is designed to provide the power and water requirement for Antelope Valley. Southern California Communities and the city of Lancaster’s 8 . a Heat Recovery Steam Generator ( HRSG ) utilizing Turbine Exhaust Gases for use by the Multiple Effect Distillation Plant that will produce the Raw Water . The city AB117 CCA or POU or IOU as a potential proponent owner and off-taker for the project referred to as the Tehachapi Renewable Energy Transmission Project (TRETP). and a Reverse Osmosis ( RO ) Plant . It is proposed to be a Combined Power and Water Plant (CPW) that developed from Combined Heat and Power (CHP) technologies and is modular in construction and transportable to the planned construction site by rail and / or roadway..CONFIDENTIAL Introduction Sundance Hybrid Power Solutions Inc. a MEDi Plant for Desalinating brackish/impaired water . The Combined Power and Water ( CPW ) Plant System consists of SIX ( 6 ) General Electric LMS 100 natural gas . 534 Acre Industrial US-World Free Trade Zone as well as for the 1 . 400 . subject to this proposal. submits its Application for Certification (AFC) to seek a license from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to construct and operate a Combined Heat and Power Plant System to meet the Industrial needs of Industry in Zones near the city of Lancaster in Los Angeles County for Power and Water.

cooler .up and auxiliary transformers . including 2nd (proposed) foundational 500KV WECC Bulk Transmission Line . generator step .CREZ DRECP-Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan priority transmission corridor. that is currently rated at 220 kV. The total net power generating capacity will be nominally 600 MW. This Application for Certification ( AFC ) to be prepared in accordance with the CEC ‘ s Rules of Practice and Procedure and Power Plant Site Certification ( August . S. natural gas compressors . These Zones make up one of the Largest and Newest World Free Trade Zones (WFTZ) in the U. Inside SCE Segment 3 is access to the 500 kV SCE Bulk Transmission Line. 66KV and 34. regulations . and an oxidation catalyst to reduce carbon monoxide ( CO ) emissions . 2008 ) . turbine compressor section inter .Acres in the newly incorporated Heavy Industrial Sector that is located outside the city . ordinances . Auxiliary equipment will include inlet air filters with evaporative coolers . each equipped with water injection to the combustors for reducing the production of oxides of nitrogen ( Nox ) .5KV. a selective catalytic reduction ( SCR ) system with 19 percent ( % ) aqueous ammonia injection to further reduce Nox emissions . and standards The remainder of this Executive Summary summarizes the more detailed information presented in the balance of the AFC. and water storage tanks . * * * A detailed description of the proposal TRETP An assessment of the anticipated project impacts on the existing environment ( LORS ) A discussion of compliance with applicable laws . today. water treatment equipment . as amended. CPW ‘ s inner core Power Train Plant portion of the generating Plant System facility includes five ( 6 ) LMS 100 natural gas . Purpose of the Project The CPW derivative CHP Plant System for TRETP fulfills the required power and water needs of the Industrial Zones within the existing city limits of Lancaster plus the newly incorporated Heavy Industrial Sector outside the current city limits. The CPW Plant System for TRETP is to be located inside the RETI . As the CPW Plant System uses the LMS 100 HWPi Integrated Power / Water Plant modular components it offers a fifteen .fired combustion turbine generators . mechanical draft cooling tower . circulating water pumps .

process . and Products.netl.worleyparsons.thirty percent (30 %) efficiency improvement over traditional thermal desalination .ca. http://www.ca. This site is at the corner intersection of two (2) newly designated major county highways: HWY B and HWY 110th W and surrounded by two additional side streets.generators (CTG‘ s ) and associated equipment .percent (15 %) . Due to the Dry Low Emissions Nox ( DLN ) and Lean Premixed ( LPM ) Triple Annular Combustor ( TAC ) Design Approach reliability . http://www.energy.gov/technologies/coalpower/ewr/pubs/CO2Handbook/CO2-Capture-TechUpdate-2011_Front-End%20Report.000 cubic meters ( m3 ) / day raw .PDF The TRETP will be a nominal 600 .gov/2009publications/RETI-1000-2009-001/RETI1000-2009-001-F-REV2.higher water / power ratios are possible.gov/technologies/coalpower/ewr/pubs/CO2Hand book/ http://www.mit.iea. The annual capacity factor for the CPW Plant System has been calculated to be forty five percent (45 %).CREZ PRIORITY DESIGNATED DEVELOPMENT ZONE.doe.arb. This translates to an aggregate capacity of 44 Million Imperial Gallons per Day (MIGD).pdf http://www.energy.org/NLE/CRSreports/10Aug/R41325.000 cubic meters ( m3 ) / day x 6 = 200. The LMS 100 is unique in that it integrates features of both GE ’ s frame and aero-derivative CTG systems and is capable of rapid starts .pdf http://www. Water. and low emissions are optimized to a “ZERO EMISSION” Advanced Hybrid Flexible Power. Each of the LMS 100 CTG ’ s will be equipped with water injection .pdf Project Location The TRETP facility will be located within the Tehachapi and Fairmont Wind and Solar RETI . and potable water for the industrial needs in the city of Lancaster and the Heavy Industrial Sector adjoining the current city limits .fired combustion turbine .cnie.megawatt facility powered by six (6) GE Energy LMS 100 natural gas .doe.pdf http://www.org/papers/2011/costperf_ccs_powergen. with the ability to quickly ramp electrical output from low to full power .ca.edu/mitei/docs/reports/herzog-meldon-hatton.gov/regact/2010/res2010/res10h. Since it is a next generation combined cycle plant its electrical efficiency approaches sixty percent (60 %). It will be inside the SCE Power Plant Equipment and Linear Facilities Segment 3 and FERC/EPA 2011 Categorical Exemption Multi-Purpose Transmission Designated corridor. low cost due to reduced consumption of fuel required . Oxy-Combined Clean Waste Heat Power Polygeneration + CCS.netl.com/CSG/Hydrocarbons/SpecialtyCapabilities/Documents/Carbon %20Capture%20Overview%20(3).pdf http://www.pdf http://web. This CPW Plant System is capable of supplying greater than ( > ) 40.PDF http://www.gov/2010publications/RETI-1000-2010002/RETI-1000-2010-002-F.

com/242a/242ae729af70.foot tall CTTG exhaust stacks. Inside the TRETP site there are Corridor accesses to multiple 500-230 . PATH .foot tall. A 39 .S 4000 MW / S . In a northerly direction from our site is an intertie switching substation between the Antelope Gateway and Windhub Substations where Antelope # 1 has 500 .26 + PATH . Both will be intertied from our site.26 and PATH . Current capacity rating is N . after the 500 kV upgrade the overloading reduced to more than 200 hours / year.caiso.15 increases to 8 .66 kV Transmission Lines.N 3000 MW .66 kV Transmission Line Switching Substation. selective catalytic reduction ( SCR ) to further reduce Nox emissions . the cumulative rating for (expanded) TRADING HUB CRITICAL PATH . Our site includes corridor access for direct transmission inside (expanded) TRADING HUB CRITICAL PATH . 500 kV Barren Ridge/HaskellRinaldi and nearby LADWP 800-100KV-DC North-South Transmission Lines Corridors. In a southerly direction from our site ’ s Main Generator Station . and an oxidation catalyst to reduce carbon monoxide ( CO ) emissions . The emission reduction equipment will be contained within a housing that terminates at the 90 . Electrical Transmission The electric power produced by the facility will be transmitted to the electrical grid through the on .draft cooling tower extending approximately 211 feet in length will meet plant cooling needs.230 . are to be two ( 2 ) Switching Substations .230 .000 MW.S / S . Adjacent to our site in a westerly direction is the Sage Brush Power Output Transmission Corridor with a double circuit transmission line at 230 kV. in the city of Lancaster . which is currently rated for 220 kV .N) via the VINCENT GATEWAY and ANTELOPE GATEWAY Switching Substations for congestion remediation and mitigation FERC 890 OATT ATC firm dispatch and firm re-dispatch. as a 230 .78). known as the Antelope Gateway Switching Station with 500 .26 is overloaded more than 1000 hours annually. 5 kV and 66 kV double circuit transmission lines in tandem on the same pole that will utilize a Step .cell mechanical .66 kV Transmission Lines . http://www. Adjacent to that in a westerly direction are the LADWP 230 kV.15 (N .site 34.capability to reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides ( Nox ) .Up Transformer to connect with SCE Segment 3 Corridor affording access to the THREE (3) X 500 kV SCE Bulk Transmission Lines “SPECIFIC TO TEHACHAPI WIND RESOURCE AREA” (TWRA) (EDISON ELECTRIC INSTITUTE PG. 500 MW from the current 7. with the upgrade added expansion of the 500 kV Transmission Line .66 kV Transmission Lines and #2 has 230 66kV Transmission Lines both in the city of Lancaster and Windhub 500-23066KV Transmission Lines. The second one will be newly acquired by the year 2013. includes firming and stabilizing the transmission grid. 5 .pdf .

26 FOR 4.hks. EL 07-62-000 SCE TEHACHAPI PROJECT 500KV TRANSMISSION AND APPROXIMATELY 10 MILES OF 220KV TRANSMISSION LINE (TRTP) WILL INTERCONNECT UP TO 4500MW MEGAWATTS OF GENERATING RESOURCES CONSISTING PRIMARILY OF WIND IN THE TEHAHCAPI AREA TO THE SCE TRANSMISSION SYSTEM.ceert. http://www.pdf ftp://ftp. 25.500MW TWRA-WIND = 3 X 500KV W/ATP TWRA SEGMENT THREE-3 CORRIDOR.*SCE CONCEPTUAL TRANSMISSION REQUIREMENTS AND COSTS FOR INTEGRATING RENEWABLE RESOURCES. PG.31) SCE TWRA (3 X 500KV) ALTERNATIVES 3 AND FOUR RECOMMENDED BY CAISO TEHACHAPI STUDY GROUP AND CONSTRUCTION IS TO COMMENCE IMMEDIATELY.35CENTS KH-Hr. it has been decided to install a 400 MW battery backup system. http://www.edu/hepg/Papers/2010/Pizarro_Pedro_HEPG_ Feb2010.eei.pdf *(NOTE REF. Other considerations which will enhance the project installation of a 66KV portable sub/switching station on the property expanded with 230KV substation on site. it has been determined to help stabilize the power grid. PG.0_Purpose-Need. http://asset. ALTERNATIVE 4-G-PG.PG.ca.caiso. Smart Grid Hybrid Stabilization System.org/PDFs/reports/Tehachapi2006v1. http://www. 4) SCE FERC DOCKET NO.pdf Additional Equipage In order to enhance maximum usage of the proposed site.pdf *(REF.harvard.1-2) W/ATP BID ADDER 1.sce. .org/ourissues/ElectricityTransmission/Documents/Tra ns_Project_lowres. This system will be provided by A123 Inc. http://www.cpuc.com/Documents/Shared/20090629_RFP_Appendix_D_ SCE_TRCR. (REF.com/18db/18dbaedf2cca0. PG.gov/gopherdata/environ/tehachapi_renewables/PEA/1.pdf *(NOTE REF.. 78) EDISON ELECTRIC INSTITUTE: TEHACHAPI RENEWABLE TRANSMISSION PROJECT (TRTP) 500KVSEGMENTS 1-3 ARE “SPECIFIC” TO “TEHACHAPI WIND RESOURCE AREA” (TWRA) IN SOUTHERN KERN COUNTY AND LOS ANGELES COUNTY. 24M ADVANCED COUPLED HYBRID SEMI-SOLID LITHIUM-ION MULTI-MEGAWATT INDUSTRIAL SCALE ENERGY STORAGE BATTERY SYSTEMS COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE 2013 PER 24M Inc.pdf *SCE TCSG ALTERNATIVE 4-F-PG.

000. SALT and NUTRIENTS. and/or the FERC NG . . and the by . At subject site Highway’s B and 110th W LADWP dual capacity 36” and AVEK 48” dual capacity water transport (proposed) pipelines.SWP AQUADUCT are near the subject site and inside the one (1) million acre feet water / recharge aquifer water banking hydrological region.000.pipeline at HWY – 110th and Ave . which are both 32 “ pipe connections . 000 acre feet (AF) Feed Site. Either the FERC NG pipeline at HWY . and / or the SEMPRA SO CAL CITY GATE PIPELINE ( 8 “ P / L ) 8 . Palmdale.000 acre feet recharge bank.pipeline in the southerly direction 11 miles from the site . PG&E line # 400-401 Pipelines in the northerly direction 8-15 miles from the site . Avek/Rosamond Development recharge bank project. Antelope Valley is part of the >2.000 acres water bank recharge Western Development/Rosamond Water district “shall” have open access for the public consumers benefit and use. The comprehensive final water laboratory reports from USGS and SWRCB were completed 2008.inch diameter pipeline.000 acre feet cumulative LADWP. at (110th West) and Gaskell Rd. Water Supply and Discharge For generating raw water and industrial process and potable water through the MEDi Desalination Plant within the CPW Plant System two or more supply wells are to connect to the brackish/impaired aquifer inside the 1. Lancaster.M in Lancaster : SO . CHROMIUM 6. SWRCB has proclaimed the Antelope Valley Aquifer as a priority designated primary groundwater resource for the remediation / mitigation and susceptibility to pollutants ARSENIC. All American. Power plant 600 MW cooling water needs can be supplied via 32” reclaimed water pipeline located 11/2 miles north on a major county highway. Water Pumps will transport the water to feed Raw Water to AVEK and LADWP. which is located 4 miles in a southerly direction from the site. Per California DWR project transfer agreement the “entire” >15.Cement : the Kern River.000. This pipeline is used to recharge the Antelope valley Aquifer with expansion delivery capacity exceeding 16. Mojave.Antelope Valley East Kern water district and LADWP 36” dual capacity pipelines.Natural Gas Supply Natural Gas will be delivered to the CPW Plant System Site via a 32 .CAL SEMPRA FERC NG .110 tie and Cal .inch pipe connection at 110th & Ave F. Intended usage is for Rosamond Western Development 500.product is saleable salt cake that is safe enough to dispose of at your local landfill site .000 gallons daily. 10 Miles in length running along Tehachapi Road and connecting to one or more of three (3) existing pipelines . There will be Zero Liquid Discharge ( ZLD ) due to the utilization of an Electric Deionizer (ED) or a Electric Deionizer Reversal ( EDR ) with a crystallizer system . The LADWP (#2) Owens Valley Canal and SWRD . In addition there is a LACSD 32” reclaimed water pipeline on major county highway which is located 5 miles east of the subject site at Highway B and 60th Street West. El Paso. There will be an easement dedication at the subject site for + 48” inch dual capacity RAW water transmission to a proposed facility nearby to AVEK .

*2011 Conjunctive Use of Aquifers and reservoirs: Tradeoffs Between Energy Generation and Water Supply CEC 500-2010-023. evaporative cooler blow down.php?pubNum=CEC-500-2009-100 SUBJECT SITE AND INTEGRATED ADVANCED FLEXIBLE POWER/WATER/PRODUCTS OXY-CCHPP QUALIFIES FOR “ALL TOP APPLIED PRIORITIES” AS REQUIRED IN ASPEN SCORING GUIDELINES. CEC 500-2009-100 http://www.asp?src=nl&id=6173 The combined wastewater discharge from the plant will consist of cooling tower blow down.CREZ priority transmission corridors. AND FINANCE THE ADDITION OR UPGRADE. The infiltration basin will serve as a storm water treatment facility to manage the quality and quantity of storm water runoff from the proposed site.edu/hepg/Papers/2010/Pizarro_Pedro_HEPG_Feb2010.http://www.php?pubNum=CEC-500-2010-023 http://www. http://www.gov/NR/rdonlyres/84257CC3-2EA5-422E-90FC-3D9EE485AE1B/0/WhitePaperEnv_Scoring. (SUBJECT TO CAISO APPROVAL PROCESS).hks.hks.cpuc.harvard. *SCORING RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECTS FOR 33% RPS GOALS. Sanitary wastes drains are sent to a septic tank and leach field in ground that has been determined to be acceptable by a percolation test. California Water Bond.pdf http://www. DOI-USBR incentives and subsidies $1000 per acre foot capacity (infrastructures).pdf 2011 TEHACHAPI RENEWABLE ENERGY TRANSMISSION PROJECT (TRETP) PARTICIPATING TRANSMISSION OWNERS (PTO) WILL ACT AS PROJECT SPONSOR OWN. RO rejects.ca. ARRA 2009 Stimulus.pdf FINANCING: Private-Public Activity Bond. Transmission corridor.ca.harvard.gov/NR/rdonlyres/A852C58D-F7DC-4719-8D08-FC90D3003308/0/TimelinesWhitePaper.energy.biz/news/news_story.gov/publications/displayOneReport.desalination. http://www.gov/publications/displayOneReport.cpuc. http://www. H.energy.gov/publications/displayOneReport.pdf http://www.cacleanenergyfuture.pdf *2011 Life Cycle Assessment Of Existing and Emerging Distributed Generation Technologies In California: Final Project Report.ca. CONSTRUCT.energy. CTG intercooler condensation and effluent from the oilwater separator.ca. Potential Electricity Off-takers: .R. Prop 50 and 84. and inside the RETI .edu/hepg/Papers/2010/Pizarro_Pedro_HEPG_Feb20 10.1071 and MWD subsidies for alternative water source.org/common/CCEF %20Roadmap_vFinal.php?pubNum=CEC-500-2011-001 INTERAGENCY ROADMAP http://www. Storm water will be conveyed by overland flow and swales to an infiltration basin located at the southeast corner of the proposed site.ca.

LOCAL CCA. IOU.org/ Other Financial Considerations: Financial subsidies and financing mechanism available are not to exclude a) HR1071 alternate water source subsidies of $220 per acre feet produced b) MWD/LADWP alternate water source supplements $195-$250 per acre foot c) Prop 50 and Prop 84 financing and incentive funding for alternate water source infrastructures and production. 4) PG&E 2011 BILATERAL NEGOTIATIONS AND RFP/RFO VIA PUBLICATION. 5) SDG&E 2011 BILATERAL NEGOTIATIONS AND RFP/RFO VIA PUBLICATION. 6) OTHER MUNICIPALITIES ALSO SEEKING RFP/RFO FOR CHP-COGENERATION.000 per acre foot capacity for infrastructures subsidy. MWD. . f) AB117 CCA-community choice aggregation incentives and financing. Potential Water Off-takers: LADWP.POTENTIAL POWER PPA OFF TAKERS FOR 600MW LMS100 CHP-COGENERATION * LOCAL CITY CCA REQUEST FOR 600MW LMS100 CHP SUBJECT TO RFP/RFO. Includes >2. assisting developers h) DOI-USBR $1. 1) LADWP BILATERAL AND 2011 RFP/RFO INCLUDES REQUEST FOR GE-LMS100. (Completed Final Report June-2011) http://www. 3) SCE 2011 BILATERAL NEGOTIATIONS AND RFP/RFO VIA PUBLICATION.000 acre feet Aquifer recharge and water bank project. *APPENDIX H MASTER REFERENCE INDEX LIST. 2) SCPPA 11 CITIES BILATERAL AND RFP/RFO PUBLICATION INCLUDES LMS100. g) CARB CARBON TRUST and AB1555 assistance for renewable clean GHG reduction technologies AB32 mandates. i) MACRS five years for qualifying projects. Governor Schwartzenegger eleven billion dollars California water and infrastructure bond financing 2011. e) AB811/474 tax assessed bond financing >1% interest rate for twenty (20yrs). d) Approved by Cal.avwaterplan.000. *2012 Antelope Valley Integrated Water Plan.

pdf *INFRASTRUCTURE NEED ASSESSMENTS FOR 2011 INTEGRATED ENERGY PLAN. http://www.ca.gov/2010publications/CEC-200-2010-010/CEC-2002010-010-SD.pdf *2005-06 FERC SCE TEHACHAPI 500KV RENEWABLE ENERGY TRUNKLINES.ethree.energy.senate.PDF *AUG. 13. 2009 CPUC CALIFORNIA FEED-IN TARIFF DESIGN AND POLICY OPTIONS (PATH # 3 MAX-ATC).gov/2008publications/CEC-300-2008-009/CEC-3002008-009-F.com/public_projects/cpucdr.energy. 2010 CPUC FEED-IN TARIFF DESIGNS CALIFORNIA COMPETITIVE RENEWABLE ENERGY ZONES.ca.gov/public/_files/4.ca.eia. 2012 EPA FINAL RULE NSPS ELECTRICITY GENERATION AND REFINERIES GHG LIMITS.pdf *OCTOBER 2011 EIA ANNUAL ENERGY REVIEW: http://www.chem.html http://www.cpuc.pdf *APRIL 2011 OBAMA’S RED TAPE ROADMAP http://barrasso.11_Obama_Reg_Roadmap.epa.gov/energy_aware_guide/siting.htm *SEPT.pdf *NOV.jdsupra. CPUC.PDF *MAY. http://nws.244.energy.gov/PUC/energy/Demand+Response/CostEffectiveness. http://www.12.energy.pdf http://www.DEVELOPED BY CEC.gov/2010publications/CEC-300-2010-006/CEC-3002010-006. 2011 CALIFORNIA FAST TRACK RENEWABLE ENERGY LEGISLATION DRECP.PDF *MAY 26. 2011 ENERGY AWARE FACILITIES SITING AND PERMITTING GUIDE: http://www. http://documents.jdsupra.ca. 2010 BEST MANAGEMENT PRACTICES AND GUIDANCE MANUAL: DESERT RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECTS. AND ARB.arb.147.gov/regact/2010/res2010/res10h. http://www.ca.com/f1fc4bb7-c6e5-4267-ad7f88d4d4c460dd.gov/airquality/ghgsettlement.gov/2011publications/CEC-2002011-009/CEC-200-2011-009.ca. http://www.energy.ca. http://www.html *SEPT.uu. http://www.html *2011 ACCELERATING THE DEVELOPMENT AND DEPLOYMENT OF CARBON CAPTURE AND STORAGE TECHNOLOGIES.gov/totalenergy/data/annual/ *2011 AUGUST CEC 200-2011-009 A REVIEW OF TRANSMISSION LOSSES IN PLANNING STUDIES.nl/publica/Publicaties%202011/Proefschrift_van %20Alphen.210/~westerz0/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/TehachapiWindpower_6-2005.com/f1fc4bb7-c6e5-4267ad7f-88d4d4c460dd. http://66. http://documents.pdf .

pdf *2009 IMPLEMENTATION OF 33% RPS RESOURCE AREAS RETI-CREZ.gov/puc/energy/electric/renewableenergy/tehachapi+2nd +report_vol+5+of+5.ceert.pdf *2011 CARBON CAPTURE STORAGE RESEARCH LINKS http://www. http://www.PDF *2011-2015 CAISO FIVE (5) YEAR TRANSMISSION PLANS.org/downloads/Background_Reports_for_CCS.sie.ceert.cpuc.cpuc.com/Documents/Five-YearStrategicPlan_2011-2015_. http://cdn. PG.lib.pdf ftp://ftp. PG.pdf http://www.cpuc.ieadsm.gov/environ/tehachapi_renewables/TRTP_Final%20EIR-EIS/EIREIS/8-References.armarocks. http://www.org/PDFs/reports/2ndReportTehachapiStudyGroup.pdf *2011 DOE/NETL CARBON CAPTURE SEQUESTRATION PROGRAM TECHNOLOGY PLAN. 22.edu.energy.pdf http://www.cpuc. PG. 77) http://www.org/PDFs/reports/Tehachapi-2006v2.cn/tools/ebsco/f2.ceert.pdf http://asset.*TRANSMISSION IN TEHACHAPI: TCSG TEHACHAPI COLLABORATIVE STUDY GROUP 2005.pdf http://www.cpuc.caiso.climatechange.pdf *2011 PIER CEC 500-2011-031 COMMISSION REPORT GHG REDUCTION POLICIES. http://www.pdf *2012 AB412 PROPOSED FOR ADOPTION OF QUALIFYING TECHNOLOGIES NOT TO EXCLUDE CHP.caiso.org/downloads/Coddington_Supplement_to_the_California_Report_Jan_ 5_2011.ca.cpuc.gov/NR/rdonlyres/750FD78D-9E2B-4837-A81A6146A994CD62/0/ImpactsofDistributedGenerationReport_2010.org/PDFs/reports/Tehachapi-2006v1.pdf *2011 DISTRIBUTED GENERATION E3 DEFINITION.gov/technologies/carbon_seq/refshelf/2011_Sequestra tion_Program_Plan.com/Documents/Shared/20090629_RFP_Appendix_D_SCE_T RCR.com/sites/default/files/publication_201104_effects_impurities_ geological_storage_co2.globalccsinstitute.pdf http://uc-ciee. 30.pdf http://www.pdf *2011 CEC ARB CALIFORNIA CARBON CAPTURE REVIEW PANEL RECOMMENDATIONS.ca.gov/word_pdf/FINAL_DECISION/143459. (REF.gov/carbon_capture_review_panel/documents/2011-0114_CSS_Panel_Recommendations.pdf .pdf *TRANSMISSION IN TEHACHAPI: TCSG 2006 FINAL STUDY REPORT. (REF. http://www. 10) http://www.gov/puc/energy/electric/renewableenergy/tehachapi+2nd +report_vol+4+of+5. http://ucciee. http://docs.pdf *2011 IEAGHG GLOBAL CCS INSTITUTE: EFFECTS OF IMPURITIES ON GEOLOGICAL STORAGE OF CO2.ca.gov/NR/rdonlyres/1865C207-FEB5-43CF-99EBA212B78467F6/0/33PercentRPSImplementationAnalysisInterimReport.sce.ca.pdf *2011 IEA ECES ENERGY CONSERVATION THROUGH ENERGY STORAGE.ca.ca.org/Files/Exco%20File%20Library/Key %20Publications/SynthesisFinalvol1.ca.9) ftp://ftp.netl.pdf *2011 CALIFORNIA CARBON CAPTURE SEQUESTRATION IS REQUIRED TO MEET AB32 GHG REDUCTION. http://www. 27. http://www.org/files/eces_annual_report_2010_1.iea-eces. (REF.com/18db/18dbaedf2cca0.doe.pdf *2011 DISTRIBUTED GENERATOR BENEFITS ARE SITE SPECIFIC.pdf http://docs.ca.org/documents/newsletters/2011_01_03_spring. http://www.gov/business_meetings/2011_packets/2011-0330/Item_02_PIER_Annual_Report/CEC-500-2011-031-CMF.

us/planning/pdfs/eirs/AltaOakCreek/AltaOakCreek_C h3.org/publications/IDSM_Final_White_Paper_12May2011.com/tm2/pdf/2291-E. http://www.sce.pdf *2011 LOCAL CAPACITY TECHNICAL ANALYSIS FINAL REPORT.energy.pdf CONFIDENTIAL .com/sscc/law/dis/dbattach3e.caiso.com/287c/287ca3cc28a80.p df *2011 IEPR (DG) DISTRIBUTED GENERATION.com/2788/2788ab565da00.pdf *2011 SEPTEMBER CPUC SCE AND SDG&E REQUEST FOR PPA APPROVAL ALTA WIND AND SOLAR PPA.kern.co.ca.calmac. http://www.nsf/0/8825710D0078324988 2577F400830EFB/$FILE/101209+EL1110+SCE+Petition+for+Declaratory+VOL+1.sdge.gov/2011_energypolicy/documents/2011-0622_workshop/comments/Southern_California_Edison_Company_Comments_ 2011-07-06_TN-61321. http://www3.pdf http://www.pdf *2011 SEPTEMBER TRANSMISSION COST ALLOCATION NREL.pdf *2010 SCE FERC APPLICATION FOR INCENTIVES. http://caiso. http://www. http://www.nrel.gov/wind/systemsintegration/pdfs/2011/fink_transmission_ cost_allocation.pdf *2013-2015 CAISO LOCAL CAPACITY TECHNICAL ANALYSIS. (LER) LOCALIZED ENERGY RESOURCES.ca.*2011 BLACK AND VEATCH INTEGRATED DEMAND SIDE MANAGEMENT (IDSM) http://www.

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