Analyses of Changes in Agricultural investment with Micro Credit It was anticipated that micro credit should bring changes

in agricultural investment of the borrowers. To this prospect, figure 5:7 analyzes the data obtained on changes in agricultural investment. FIGURE 5:7, AGRICULTURAL INVESTMENTS WITH TO MICRO CREDIT

1 to 50 51 to 100 101 to150 151 to 200 201 to 250

90.00% 80.00% 70.00% 60.00% 50.00% 40.00% 30.00% 20.00% 10.00% 0.00%

Source: Data analyses 2013

There is gradual reduction in investments capacities of these groups with increasing high amounts investments categories. The borrowers after getting the micro loans showed decrease in low amounts investments but increase to the larger amounts investments capacity with the micro loans.8. The investments of both the borrowers before. PRODUCTIONS OF BEFORE AND AFTER MICRO CREDIT . Entrepreneurial Productivity with Micro Credit Analysis Entrepreneurial productivities of both borrowers and non-borrowers vulnerable groups for before and after the micro credit period is portrayed by figure 5:8. there are significant changes in the agricultural investments of the borrowers on getting the micro loans. 5. This means that there are no changes in agricultural investments of the non-borrowers during the same period when changes occurred in the borrowers’ agricultural investments.From figure 5:7 portraits. the non-borrowers before and non-borrowers after micro credit exhibited high percentages of low amounts investments. FIGURE 5:8.

37 3.63 41.51 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 4.83 0 0 Source: Data analyses 2013 Productivity of the vulnerable groups.88 0 21.00 to =N=50.85 1.00 and above. .66 15.15 39.02 1.95 8. Likewise the borrowers’ productivity within that high amounts productions before getting the micro credit was zero.22 0 0 84.46 10.000.54 0 0 51 to 100 101 to 150 151 to 200 201 to 250 82. shows that nonborrowers before and after the relative micro credit period had zero productions within the capacity of =N=151. The productions of these three groups were dominantly within the ranges of =N=1. according to figure 5:8.000.PRODUCTIONS (=N= 000) 1 to 50 % 90 80 69.

000.000. Sizable number of this group had their productions up to =N=250. micro credit has indeed made a significant impact on the productions of the beneficiary vulnerable groups . As a fact.000.00.The borrowers after getting the micro credit got their productions shifted to high amounts within the capacities of =N=51.00.00 to =N=150.