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English This term in English we will be focusing on a range of fiction and non-fiction text types including: Biographies and

d autobiographies Holiday Guides Poetry involving powerful imagery We will also be focusing on enhancing our sentence structures and text styles, grammar and punctuation. Maths The children will continue to work in maths sets in Year 6. We will follow the primary framework for maths, paying particular attention to using mental and written methods for the four rules of number. Please ensure your child regularly practises their multiplication and division facts and can tell the time accurately on an analogue clock. Science In science, we focus on reversible and irreversible changes and dissolving, linking them to our work on the coast. All science work will involve learning facts and more importantly carrying out explorations and investigations. ICT In ICT this term, Year 6 will complete 2 units We are Environmentalists and We are Fundraisers. PE Games Football and cross country Tuesday pm

PE gymnastics Wednesday am Please ensure that your child has the correct PE kit in school on these days, including appropriate footwear (trainers for games) and outer wear (particular as the weather changes). If your child cannot take part in PE or games for any reason, please send a letter into the class teacher thank you. RE The children will be studying aspects of Sikhism and Judaism, paying particular attention to their places of worship. PSHE As well as beginning our preparation for the final year at EFPS, we will also focus on life skills and road safety.

Theme Land Ahoy!

Our theme this term links to many of our foundation subjects in school. D&T/ Art Pupils will begin by using pop-art techniques to make their postcards to send home from Osmington Bay (we hope you have received this!). We will then put our DT skills to use when planning, designing and making a model of a coastal holiday resort. Music We will continue to learn the recorder and develop our skills in reading music and performing. Geography Our theme is mainly focused around the Coastline of the British Isles. We will focus on how coastal features are formed and the problems facing our coastal resorts today. French Mrs Parker will be teaching French this term. They will learn a range of key vocabulary and grammatical terms, to enable them to converse in French. Homework Although weekly homework sheets will not be set this term, we would expect that alongside the theme homework, your child completes the following tasks each week: learning times tables and other maths facts practising spelling patterns o Using Look, Cover, Write, Check o Writing poems o Researching letter patterns daily reading

Also, on the back of this information booklet, you will find the list of theme-based homework activities. Reading We continue to encourage your child to read aloud to an adult as often as possible outside of school, but if this is not possible we would hope that some time each day is set aside for independent reading. Your child has been provided with a Reading Journal with a range of tasks that can be completed linked to any of the books

they read this term. We hope that all tasks will be completed throughout the term children can bring the tasks to us as they complete them but we will take the booklets in on Thursday 19 th December. Theme Homework List The following homework should be completed by all pupils. We expect the work to be of a high quality, showing they have put thought and care into their homework. We actively encourage pupils to work with people at home, but would like to see the outcome from the pupils themselves! Autumn Half Term 1: (due in by Thursday 24th October) Create a project based around a coastal town. It could include: o Erosion of the cliffs o Settlement next to the coast o Industry created from the coast o A map/ birds eye view of coastline o Glossary Term 2: (Due in by Thursday 19 th

Autumn Half December)

Choose an image from a pirate film, e.g. Pirates of the Caribbean, and write part of the story that would reflect the action in the shot. Include speech, thoughts and a VARIETY of sentences. Choose a famous pirate and create a biography of their life.

Possible Places to Visit These visits are not compulsory, but are recommendations of places to visit to enhance your childs understanding and learning of different aspects of the curriculum. Please note that staff have not necessarily visited all the places on the list, and these are simply recommendations linked to the curriculum. Natural History Museum (particularly the Earth Galleries) Local/National Coastal Resorts e.g. Southend, Brighton. Southend Pier and Museum Looking at the Suffolk Coastline Sculptures (e.g. Aldeburgh Giant Clam)

Year 6 Autumn 2013

Land Ahoy!