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A study on effectiveness of advertisements at Khivraj Motors with respect to passenger cars

SCOPE The scope of the study was confined with consumer durable product such as four wheelers. The study involves the data collected from more male customers than the female customers. This is because male customers were found to be more interested in parting with information that is considered necessary for the purpose of the present study. The study undertaken mainly to highlight the motivational factors which influenced the consumers in purchasing a particular brand at khivraj. Also to highlight the awareness in the minds of the customers. The scope of study is also to analyze consistent behavior of customers. They can make changes according to the survey result.


Identify and critically review the different marketing methodologies for Indian automobile sector; To study the effectiveness of advertisement at Khivraj motors with respect to passenger cars through surveys and interview; Analyse the customer perception towards advertising strategies used by the company. Criticize the effectiveness of marketing methods used in Khivraj motors and provide clear recommendations for improvements;

Research questions: What are the effective advertising mediums and strategy for a motor company (Khivraj)?

Primary Data: Primary data is the original data collected by the researcher. It is collected for the first time through survey. It can be collected directly from sample respondents through questionnaire. Questionnaire: Minimum of 20 questions (focused on the key objectives) Target Audience: Customers coming to Khivraj Motors Show room (Existing & New customers) Number of respondents aimed: Minimum 150 Sample Size

Secondary data can be collected from standard textbooks journals directories statistical data sources periodicals Newspapers Magazines & Internet