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LILO Access

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When a customer or vendor comes on site to a SunGard Hosting facility they must be on a security list or they will not be allowed into the building. You can add a vendor technicians name to the LILO list to ensure that Hosting will allow them into the building to perform their maintenance. From the Home page in the Portal, go to Quick Links Customer Service LogIn LogOut Click on ADD Temporary Access Select the location (IDC) where the asset is located Select the correct Customer name Type in the Name of the vendor technician that will be coming to site first and last name. Type the Organization name for that vendor: HP/DELL/SUN Microsystems Select the begin and end time for the MX window Select the name of the customer who approved the MX window from the drop-down list. In the Restrictions box, type the HD ticket number and tell what server the tech will be working on. Click Submit.