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Shah Alam Khan

Dr. Shah Alam Khan

-MS, DNB, MRCSEd, FRCS, M.Ch.Orth (Liverpool) Additional Professor Department of Orthopaedics All India Institute of Medical Sciences Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110029 INDIA Joint Secretary, Indian Orthopaedic Association Associate Editor, Indian Journal of Orthopaedics
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AIIMS doctors perform unique operation on fiveyear-old

NEW DELHI, August 10, 2011

Five-year-old Rehan of Jhansi reported to the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences here with a rather grim diagnosis. He had a malignant tumour in his upper left arm, treatment for which would require amputation of the arm. Doctors in Jhansi told us that my son will have to undergo amputation which would leave him handicapped for life. But they were not sure if

even that would cure him 100 per cent. The doctors there then referred us to AIIMS, said Rehan's father. Though the diagnosis was grim, doctors at AIIMS decided to take a chance and forgo amputation for the child and instead remove the section of the upper arm that was malignant. It was a calculated risk that we were taking. Any doctor would have gone for amputation in Rehan's case, but with such a young boy we decided to take out the malignant section of the arm. After the patient underwent treatment for his malignant tumour we decided to undertake the operation, said AIIMS associate professor of orthopaedics Dr. Shah Alam Khan who headed the team responsible for the boy's treatment. The upper left arm of the patient was cut and the length of his arm was shortened as his elbow was re-attached to his shoulder, noted Dr. Khan. Usually with such tumours amputating the arm is the only option and prosthesis for the arm does not serve very well. There was no way the child would have been able to use his fingers or gain full use of his hand besides, of course, the cost and maintenance of the prosthesis. However, with the operation we have been able to retain most of the functioning in his arm. The child was operated upon on July 21 and was discharged as soon as we noticed significant improvements in his medical condition, said Dr. Khan.