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Clockwork Retriever

I. Adventure Synopsis A. Adventure Background. 1. Provide 2-4 Paragraphs of information. 2. Provide original history of the site/NPC of interest 3. Provide piece of information related to near-recent event(s). B. Adventure Summary 1. "In this adventure, the PCs" 2. "Time/Event occurs" 3. Plot Summary 4. Colored Sidebar "About This Adventure" 5. Once over-the-world explanation of how the PCs get started, the bare-bon es of what they must do, and the final encounter. C. Introduction 1. "Read the following to get your players started." 2. Read-Aloud text for players. 3. Adventure Hooks a. How do you convince the PCs to get involved? b. bulletized list, 3 - 4. c. follow-up mini-paragraph that states the first stage of the PCs journ ey. II. The Adventure A. Beginning the Adventure. 1. 2. 3. r. The tone of 4. . What particular "scene" marks the beginning of the adventure? Get the PCs into the action. Immediately give the GM a Read-aloud for the PCs followed-by an encounte encounter does not need to SEEM to be important, but, it should set the the adventure. Introduce if the module will be a dungeon, wilderness or urban adventure

B. Main Adventure. 1. Identify Each "Room" (room may be a loose definition depending upon the nature of the site) 2. Key each place to your map. 3. Name of Room. CR in Brackets. 4. Read-Aloud to describe room and situation. 5. Creatures in Room. Small Stat Block. Brief Terrain Description. 6. During Combat Tactics 7. Morale of Creatures. 8. Other NPCs 9. Developments (Changes to the Adventure) 10. Treasure/Loot 11. Traps C. Concluding the Adventure.

1. Provide "If" statements for what transpires after the adventure based up on how the PCs perform in the adventure. 2. Identify the usefulness/history of any items the PCs may have gathered o r seen.