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15 Round Workout

15 Round Workout

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15 ROUND BOXING/MMA CIRCUIT ROUTINE 2 Min Rounds w/:30 Sec Rest You Got What It Takes? Prove It!

TIME/ROUND 2-5 MIN 4-7 MIN 4-7 MIN ROUND 1 ROUND 2 ROUND 3 ROUND 4 ROUND 5 ROUND 6 ROUND 7 ROUND 8 ROUND 9 ROUND 10 ROUND 11 ROUND 12 ROUND 13 ROUND 14 ROUND 15 60 MIN CIRCUIT/EXERCISE Warm Up: Stairs / Jump Rope/ Health Rider/Calisthenics Stretching: Legs / Lower Back / Shoulders / Neck Abs 20 of Ea: (Crunch-Accordions-Prayers-Compression-Inclines) Circle Drill w/Hand Weights – Switch at Blue Corner Calf Rises Lunges Squats Speed Bag 1-2 Drive Bag Heavy Bag – Freestyle HARD 4-5 Upper Cut Bag Elbow Strikes Knee Strikes Leg Kicks (Front & Side Alternating) Ground –n- Pound (use spare heavy bag) Dumbbell Work: Curls /Shrugs/Tri Kicks/3 Dorsi Sets/Flys Battling Ropes Cool Down: Group Stretch (class) / Recoil Bag or Speed Bag TOTAL WORKOUT TIME

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