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Worship Seminar

Worship Seminar

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Worship Training Guide

Chi Alpha Campus Ministries - Boston

The following material has been adapted from lectures at the Institute of Campus Missions (Chi Alpha Campus Ministries annual staff training conference) given by Dick Schroeder, Nick Fatato, Joe Daltorio and supplemented by material from Mike Olejarz.

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we strive to build communities of worship. 150). we become the dwelling place of God for the very purposes of ministry to Him as His priests.INTRODUCTION Chi Alpha Campus Ministries believes the best way to impact a campus is to establish a “community” of students on campus who love God. B. Learning to sit at His feet like Mary and respond to Him (Luke 10:39. B. By “community” we mean that a “gathered people on campus” is more visible and effective than a few isolated individuals. It is our desire and vision to see God raise up teams of students that can work together in leading His people into His presence through praise and worship. We recognize we were created by and are now reconciled to God to bring glory to Him (Isaiah 43:7. We believe the presence of God is made more real among people when believers worship (Psalm 22:3). Ephesians 1:11-12). Hebrews 13:15-16). C. fellowship. Secondly. John 10:4-5). Directing adoration to His person in giving thanks for His acts of loving kindness toward us (Psalm 100. Chi Alpha expresses ministry to God by: A. Allowing the spiritual gifts listed in 1 Corinthians 12-14 to flow through us to the Lord. witness and prayer.” we expect other ministries to grow best when nurtured in an atmosphere of ministry to the Lord . As a “community of worship. Following the biblical pattern in the Book of Acts. We are excited about coming together to worship our Lord Jesus Christ and we are excited about YOU being a part of this ministry. discipleship. As Christ’s family gathered. one another. 1 Peter 2:4-10). . we must establish ministry to God as the highest call of Christians. D. and for proclamation of His greatness to the world (Ephesians 1:10-22. By “community of worship” we mean that as a gathered people of God on campus. We seek to embody the following principles: A. C. Learning to worship Him with our actions (1 Corinthians 10:31. and are committed to the task of sharing Christ with other students and faculty.

C. problems arise sometimes because 1) some people come to the meeting energized . Concentrate! We need to learn to discipline our minds in order to minister to God.Worship Training Guide . 2) some come neutralized . 3) some come vandalized . We may need to encourage those who are downtrodden or discouraged. Participate! See 1 Corinthians 14:26 and note the principle: All should participate! BUT .we may need to give them time to repent and confess before God. .they need to get their attention back on the Lord. Be aware of the enemy and his attacks to distract you from worship. 2) Personalize your worship. 3) Ask God to help you. 1 Peter 2:4. D.10. REQUIREMENTS FOR WORSHIP TEAM MEMBERS A. Come with a song in your heart. B.5. Learn to Bless God! It is our first responsibility to minister to God. Continue to be Filled with the Holy Spirit! See Ephesians 5:18-20.page 2 Please read through this introductory material CAREFULLY as we believe it will better equip you to grow and learn how to be a worshiper and lead others into God’s glorious presence! I. 1) Work at it. Prepare for Worship! . . E.9. Have your mind and heart SET to minister to the Lord .

ministered to Him. Scripture reading. allow for spontaneous worship after a song or periods of silence. “sing your favorite song” type of meeting. He is with us. do it all for the glory of God! Be encouraged that as you minister to God and call others to do the same.. and even working the overhead machine. clapping. drama. Use the enclosed worship planning sheets to help you in your preparations. flippant. insincere. etc. to be creative in leading the people into different forms of worship (standing. The Holy Spirit may also direct the leader to guide the meeting in a particular direction during the worship time. Worship leaders need to be sensitive to special things God may want to do among the gathered believers. the team should assist in carrying in the equipment before a meeting and making sure the equipment is packed up properly afterwards. Be creative in involving others on the worship team (and the rest of the students) through testimony. B. BASIC RESPONSIBILITIES OF WORSHIP TEAM MEMBERS A. D.) or know when it is time to hear from the Lord in the ministry of spiritual gifts. Finally. Scripture readings. Pick up a schedule of worship teams from the Worship Director. E. C. etc. already chosen. It is also the responsibility of the worship leader to make sure the transparencies used get returned to the master notebook at the end of the meeting. II. Be in an attitude of prayer for your worship opportunity. The key is to prayerfully develop leadership with some Scripture songs. and have been transformed upon seeing God.Worship Training Guide . Get together with your scheduled worship team to pray. Whatever you do. The least effective way to arrive at this point is to have a poorly led. Get a worship song book and get acquainted with the material in it. . H e will make His presence more real among us. Pray that God will use you as an example to encourage others in ministering to the Lord. choruses. He might want one worship service to be a time of celebration. shouting. Our objective is to move to the point at which every believer will have seen the Lord. practice and prepare for your worship opportunity.page 3 When we assemble in the name of the Lord. and another to be an emphasis on His Holiness. but with a willingness to change directions. It is your responsibility to call for a replacement in case of a problem.

• To develop new song books for use by August 15. • Review worship resources annually and build a library of tools. . Chapter Ministry • To develop and lead a team of worshipers who will lead students in ministering to Jesus.page 4 F. BASIC RESPONSIBILITIES OF A WORSHIP TEAM LEADER A. Finally. B. join with the other members of your worship team for prayer before the meeting.Worship Training Guide . • To train and oversee the development of student worship leaders and teams. • Recruit. Personal To be a maturing disciple of Jesus: growing in love with God. • To lead others in worship C. Administration • To inventory the sound equipment by June 15. • To set vision and direction for a growing community of worship on campus. III. • Process setup and tear down of sound equipment at large group meeting. and those He created but are not yet in relationship with Him. • Redo the main transparency notebook by August 15. • Set date for and lead fall semester training of worship leaders. His Body. train and release a sound team. • Confirm location for large group meetings each quarter/semester.

from the Jews (v 22) The new way . 2. John 4:7-25 Three Levels of Worship 1. B. Ignorance . THE BIBLICAL MANDATE TO WORSHIP A. 3.to serve Philippians 3:3 b. bow down John 4:24 latrevo . 2.Worship Training Guide . 4. Deuteronomy 6:13 b. Shachah . 5. . prostrate oneself in honor of God Genesis 22:5.to work. 6. the need to worship is man’s most basic spiritual need or drive. 1 Chronicles 16:29 Abad .9. proskuneo .to adore.to bow down. Worship is the act of seeing God and responding to Him as God. 1 Peter 2:5. More than mood music for the teaching time. The creature’s willing and loving response to his Creator. not just through a moment of singing.page 5 IV. but also a life of service and adoration. Hebrew a.what you don’t know (v 22) Religious tradition . Because man was originally created to be in relationship with God. to serve Exodus 3:12. The highest form of ministry a person can have. 3. It literally means the “giving of worth” to God. Psalm 95:6-7. and it must precede every other form of ministry. Greek a.true worshipers (v 23-24) What is Worship? 1.

v 21 v 23 D. People motivated by the love and grace of God to work on His behalf for His kingdom. . Note the tragic progression when man refuses to acknowledge God as Creator & Lord. 1 Peter 1:8. b. Examples of True Worshipers a. 7. It involves adoration. c.Worship Training Guide . B. respect. 2. A kingdom of priests devoted to the Father. 2. Exodus 20:1-6 Deuteronomy 6:4-5 God saves us to worship Him 1. it is an act of the will. A lifestyle of devotion expressed through works of piety and practical service to God. It’s the primary expression of our love for Jesus.page 6 a. d. WHY WORSHIP? A. It is commanded in Scripture 1. b. Luke 7:36-50 John 12:1-8 V. It keeps our lives set on Truth. Romans 1:21-25. It is more than just an emotional experience. all of which are marks of a good love relationship. A physical attitude or verbal expression of our love and devotion to God. Exodus 3:12 1 Peter 2:9 C. and intimate communion.

2.page 7 v 24 v 25 1. conviction. a. See Luke 19:29-40. 3. 2. It also brings healing. Testimony . Destroy’s satan’s lies which afflict believers. Builds our faith by again recognizing God’s power and truth. Worship clears our mind to see things through God’s eyes. b. renewal.Jesus implied there is something so compelling about the God of the Universe that the rocks would cry out if his followers kept quiet. 1. God = audience. deliverance. Psalm 33:1 Psalm 92:1 F. We are at our very best when we worship. we have not begun to worship Theater Analogy . must distinguish between worship and testimony in our worship service.from Soren Kirkegaard a. . b.. the worship leader = the director.God is the subject Worship . therefore. actors. 2.God is the object Until we have directly adored God. A theater has three elements (audience. 3.Worship Training Guide . and victory. director) In worship. Psalm 22:3 The release of God’s power and ruler ship shakes and throws satan’s kingdom into confusion. D. perspective. we = actors. E. 1. Worship releases God’s power and authority. God is the only person in the universe worthy of worship.. See 2 Chronicles 20. We.

34:1 Psalm 113:3. Psalm 5:3. B.Worship Training Guide . The proper question to ask after a worship service is not. b. Praise is a sacrifice. it costs something. WORSHIP .page 8 4. 1. d. 2. 1. “What did I get out of it?”. VI. Practice daily. but. “How did I do?” We need to cultivate the private place of worship as a discipline and participate fully in the corporate gathering of God’s people. c. Praise is a weapon of spiritual warfare. 5. 2. 141:2 Psalm 145:2 Ephesians 5:18-19 . a. 1. 1 Chronicles 21:18-24 Hebrews 13:15-16 E. 1. 2. Psalm 149:5-9 Revelation 11:15-19 D. Praise is God’s address. 2.A WAY OF LIFE A. 2 Chronicles 5:11-14 Psalm 22:3 Praise is the way into God’s presence. Becoming a good worshiper 1. Psalm 100:4 Revelation 5:11-14 C.

Worship will be experimental and innovative as the group finds its comfortable norm.page 9 e.” We need to look to the Bible. 4. including such elements as music. biblical principles and models of worship. the leadership will expose the group to known and proven leaders (and even rookies who are learning to lead) who are gifted and able to direct meaningful worship in keeping with biblical norms.Worship Training Guide . 2. In “spirit ” means genuinely. Instruction should be given regarding the nature of God. F. and the role and significance of spiritual gifts.Obey what He tells you to do. We are changed in worship. 2. tradition. with the help of the Holy Spirit. Psalm 115:8 Proverbs 27:21 Matthew 5:23-24 G. 3. Both orchestrated and spontaneous worship should occur under the oversight of the leadership. A. public reading of Scripture. John 4:23-24 states we must worship God in spirit and in truth. and history for appropriate models and expressions of worship. Finally. Remember that worship involves “seeing” and “responding. Colossians 3:16 1 Samuel 15:22 . not just our culture. a. Psalm 81 VII. HOW DO WE WORSHIP? It is expected that the group will structure a significant part of the large group meeting for interaction with God in worship. In “truth” means worship from a pure heart on the basis of who God is as revealed in His Word. b. and time for spontaneous worship and/or prayer. The covenant of praise a. c. . from our hearts (and not just an outward form). 1.

Singing something familiar (words with music) Psalm 69:30-31 Psalm 92:1-4 Acts 16:25 c. Laughing (words overrun by joy) a. Psalm 46:10 Habakkuk 2:20 We respond to God with words. a. b. We respond to God with silence. Expressiveness is important to God because it involves our whole being in worship and helps focus our intensity on the Lord. a. Speaking (words given breath) Psalm 71:8 Psalm 96:7-10 b.Worship Training Guide . Forms of Worship 1. B. Singing something brand new Psalm 98:1 d. 2. Both are in order! 1 Corinthians 14:15 Ephesians 5:19 3. b. Psalm 98:4 Psalm 126:2 .page 10 5.

b.page 11 c.Worship Training Guide . Psalm 63:3-5 Psalm 134:1-2 Psalm 141:2 8.respect. c. Walking and leaping . b. Zephaniah 3:14-17 Shouting (words with an explosion attached) a. joy.humility a. 2 Kings 11:12 Psalm 47:1 Isaiah 55:12 9. Psalm 95:6 Daniel 6:10-11 6. c. celebration a. surrender a.joy.acclaim. b. 2 Samuel 6:16 Luke 6:23 Acts 3:7-8 . Bowing and kneeling . victory a. Ezra 3:11 Psalm 98:4-6 5.adoration. Psalm 24:3-4 Psalm 134:1-3 7. 4. c. b. Lifting up of hands . ready for service a. Standing . b. Clapping of hands . b.

c. b. We respond to God with instruments. Lying prostrate .Worship Training Guide . c. . d.page 12 10. not primarily to accompany the singing.forget ourselves a. too! Many instruments are listed: a. Some specific guidelines for the ministry of the gifts in our groups are: a. b. 14. Teach and adhere to Scripture’s regulating principles. 15. Exodus 15:20-21 Psalm 30:11 Psalm 149:3 11. The Lord’s Supper We respond to God as His Spirit directs (with the manifestations of the Holy Spirit).creedal statements or anthems put to music. with rich theological meaning. We use hymns . c. b. b. Explain the manifestations of the Spirit to the uninstructed when spiritual gifts are in operation. but as a worship offering to the Lord. Dancing . This is done. Deuteronomy 9:18 Revelation 5:8 12.great sorrow over sin. 2 Kings 3:15 1 Chronicles 13:8 1 Chronicles 16:4-10 Psalm 150 13. Encourage the use of the gifts in smaller group worship settings. humility a.

and authenticity. transparency.. Correct improper expression. f. We test the validity of spiritual manifestations using that condition.. 1. Call the students to actively participate Be prepared to lead . e. 1. Worship will a combination of factors .. Be a teacher. Remember your purpose . Remember that the Spirit’s work is primarily to glorify Christ. 3.what significance can be drawn from worship? How does Scripture call us to worship? Model brokenness.Worship Training Guide . Note the following: P Matthew 2:2-11 O S Luke 7:36-50 Luke 19:28-40 VIII.HOW TO LEAD IN WORSHIP A. 2. o pposition. Set an example.lead clearly and effectively ..to direct people’s attention away from themselves and toward the Lord. C.p hysical. but allow for the Holy Spirit to interrupt. Be focused. and the supernatural. The best worship leader is a good worshiper. victory.page 13 d. 4. Take the manifestations of the Spirit seriously! Read 1 Thessalonians 5:20. 16. B. but do so privately unless real harm to the body as a whole is imminent.

be cautious in leading worship just with verbal commands.Worship Training Guide . His power) is often an appropriate theme for worship. Be aware of who your neighbors are. Is there someone drawing attention to themselves by singing too loudly? Avoid center stage. It’s better to have a theme and let the Holy Spirit change it than to have no theme and just “float” through the service. 3. 7. His love. 1. the songs are readable. Develop signs to communicate to the worship team members . Call people forward.page 14 2.. One aspect of God’s nature (e. 3. 3. Be attentive to the flow of worship.. Train the worship team to pray together and ascertain the theme together. 5. the person working the overhead machine knows what to do.. His holiness.g. Explain what we do and why in worship. D. Distractions in the meeting area? It’s ok to be silent between songs. You and the team will initially set the pace. Reduce “noise” 1. Where do you need to lead the students? How can you tie worship and the teaching of the Bible together? 2. 2. 4.and you must lead .. the instruments are tuned. 4. Read Scripture with that thought in mind. Know the difference between leading songs and leading worship. 4.reduce “attention getters” on the team.. 6. Make sure the songs are picked out beforehand. but nurture the believers in different worship experiences. Many times a particular Scripture verse in the call to worship will serve to focus people’s attention on the theme for the meeting. . Determine a worship theme that is pertinent to what God is doing (or wants to do) in the large group meeting. E.

Also. d. . Be very aware of Who the songs are addressed to. drama Announcements Introduction of visitors G. e. Order the songs in such a way that they flow naturally from one to another and have a uniform direction. c. b. 1. b. but don’t be afraid of patterns. 2. Write out your worship plan (see samples at end of the Guide) 1. Pray like crazy.g. Choose those which are in keeping with your theme. Elements you should always include: a. c. f. Be aware of the keys in which the songs will be sung .learn to link songs in the same key and of the same theme. music. realize that upward key modulations can direct people upward and further in. Decide which elements of worship you will include in your order of service . 4. 3. Testimony Small group interaction and/or prayer Offering Special presentations. H. e. d. e. 2.. Avoid “fill in the blank” services.Worship Training Guide .page 15 F. Call to worship Corporate prayer Scripture reading Direct adoration of God Benediction Optional elements: a.

5. 4. I. Sing heartily. 2.. Let His creativity flow. Speak with confidence when you have something to say.it’s needed. Encourage them to be open to be used in a gift of the Holy Spirit. Call them to participate. 6. Watch how they’re doing. concentrating on the meaning of the words. Ask God to make all of you sensitive to what He wants to do. . Lead the time of worship with one eye focused on God and one eye focused on the people..”as one speaking the very words of God. Choosing a Team 1. not the King! 2. Call them to break out of the fear of what people think and flow with what God is doing. but you’re looking for people who want to part of a team that will minister to God. Remember. not just people who want to be up front.” Listen carefully to what God is saying. 2. 1. IX. Enjoy His presence just as much as everyone else. Be open to changes that God may direct you in before the service begins (or even during). Pray for worshipers to be raised up..whichever is necessary to help people focus on the Lord. effective leading consists of a balance between talking and remaining quiet . Pray with the worship team. Your purpose is to help people be good worshipers.page 16 1. Pray for God’s blessing on the meeting.Worship Training Guide . Meet early with the worship team to go over the worship plan and to wait on God together. so prepare them to be involved.. Look for faithful servants. Sound a clear call to battle. BUILDING A TEAM A. Remember you are only the donkey. 3. Don’t just look for musical talent.

4. Realize they will be a target for the enemy. Announce to the students your desire to recruit and train a team. C. 3. technical. There is freedom to exercise the gifts of the Spirit in a non-threatening environment. Train more than 1 worship leader and more than 1 team. Develop a master list of transparencies and a song list that you will be proficient in leading. Preparation 1.Proverbs 15:8. Pray over and rebuke any demons hanging around or in the sound system. 2. This is a great place to model and train future worship leaders. Consecrate the meeting to the Lord.John 6:68. Work yourself out of a job by modeling.Psalm 15:1-2. Set discipleship goals for students who want to be a part of the worship team. Scriptures. B. 3. Equipping a Team 1. Pass out a copy of the Worship Training Guide to each student and ask them to go through the material with you in a day long seminar. training. and releasing. Basic priorities for a man or woman of worship: (a) A life of prayer .Worship Training Guide . Then set a date for the training. 2. Make a copy of the song list for each team member. with the team members.page 17 3. etc. The worship leader(s) have a priestly ministry of leading the people into the presence of God and discerning His purpose for the public gathering. (b) Stay in the Word . Meet with your team for prayer and ministry to the Lord before your scheduled worship time. 5. (c) A life of integrity . . Use this devotion time to begin to select songs. Use the small group format. Have consistent practice times that focus on a balance of spiritual. and practical preparation. 4.

He is pure Spirit--the Source of all light. therefore. He exists eternally one God in three Persons--Father. He.. is omnipotent. to live. In addition. so. but to no avail because of man’s hardness of heart. X. feels. and destroys. chooses. is absolutely holy. speaks. He. many psalms and other Scripture passages call us to worship Him. When He is not. however. so can we). omniscient. hates. B. in His infinite majesty. and to give us eternal life.then it can come from the heart when you get to it in the meeting. manifested itself immediately by making him afraid of God. SAMPLE CALLS TO WORSHIP Biblical Reasons for Worship A.. merciful. and Holy Spirit. in the reality of His personality makes possible the self-conscious person hood of men (Because He thinks. loves. that God is dependent on our worship--that His sense of self-worth is increased when we adore Him? Not at all! When He is glorified. 5. and just. C. The first two of the Ten Commandments reflect God’s desire for us to worship Him and Him only. loving. it is for our good. chaos and anarchy result. The sin of Adam. and rise for us. Moreover. He. We are commanded to worship God. plans. Consider teaching a new song at the beginning of a meeting. die. good. And because we were created to be worshipers. He became flesh and dwelt among us. . we will never be fulfilled until we truly worship. reasons. what Jesus said to the Samaritan woman takes on a certain poignancy: God still seeks true worshipers.Worship Training Guide . and omnipresent. God created us to be worshipers. Cain’s was not. What response other than awed worship is possible to such a God! It is best for His creation that He be exalted above all else. Maintain a balance between planning and spontaneity. Son. the first problem God had with man after the expulsion from the Garden dealt with worship: Abel’s worship was acceptable to God.page 18 4. in His perfect character. life. creates. though pure Spirit. Sing a new song to the Lord. He is the Creator uncreated--Creator of all that is and ruler over all creation. Go over it a few times to learn it. Cain murdered Abel. Need we think. God is worthy of all the adoration we can give Him. and love. When we realize that God searched for and worked to create a people of true praise (Israel) for the ages. faithful.

they will want to know the God we love so much. we will be obedient disciples in everything. redeemed. . They have become a dwelling place for God (Ephesians 2:22). all other ministries will grow. our attention is turned to Him.9. Other Sample Calls: 1. the ultimate call of the Church. And as unbelievers come among us. are now commanded to draw near with confidence (Hebrews 10:1-25). This does not mean that God magically appears on the scene when we begin to praise Him--like the genie appeared when Aladdin rubbed his lamp! God is already with us anyway.Worship Training Guide . He is exalted among us and takes His proper place in hearts and minds. and sealed with the Spirit “to the praise of His glory” (Ephesians 1:314). God did create a people to be true worshipers.a place of praise to Him and fellowship with Him. True worshipers are continually renewed in the Lord. . God saved us to be worshipers. When we love Him with hearts overflowing with praise. Through His death. Use Scripture Readings to Announce the theme of worship (you could use the worship team members to read along with you. i. He reconciled us to His Father so that those who once could never be made perfect so as to freely draw near to God in worship. We become aware of His presence. Proper worship is the foundation of all other ministry. As we learn to worship the Lord of the harvest. When we adore God in true worship. or even have a responsive reading). or. has now come”. When we praise in Spirit and in truth. Jesus himself was the first absolutely true worshiper-the first of a race of new people characterized by worship “in spirit and truth”. It means that when we worship God. Hebrews 12:15). Thus. E. These are they who have been chosen. Israel (we are spiritual Israel). we are renewed! Revived! Continued worship is a key to continued renewal. they come to Him “in spirit and truth”. 2. .e. we will love one another deeply. G. F. Exodus 19:18-23. By being “in” Him. He reveals himself to us. to be a household of priests to offer up the sacrifice of praise (1 Peter 2:5. you could involve the people in the audience to read Scripture. Far from giving up the search. God has created a kind of new Eden--the Church-. When God is so revealed to us. the theater analogy. Use stories from Scripture (or other sources) to illustrate the need and importance of worship.page 19 D. Worship is the highest. we will soon be begging Him to make us evangelists. Psalm 22:3 tells us that God inhabits the praises of His people. Jesus declared to the woman the “time .

Herschel Rosser 9. 5. prayer. “My ministry was being changed by society around me more than the revelation of God” .Jack Hayford . or hymn done in unison. Worship breaks the bands of oppression and brings us into partnership with God” .Jack Hayford 11. 8. use that as the theme and lead the believers in singing about the forgiveness of God).page 20 3. “Each day every person is subjected to forces that want to crush and oppress him or her. and then a call to worship could be used to declare the focus of the worship gathering. but direct ministry to God is so vital that it can justifiably be said that until we have adored God. “Man’s sole purpose is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever” Westminister Confession 10. we have not begun to worship” .Worship Training Guide . Tying in the worship with the message may also give you direction to lead the people in (i. The first song may be used to draw the crowd together. 4. ministry. if the message is on forgiveness. “Testimony is good and commanded in Scripture. 6. get people focused. 7.e. A hymn or prayer may be utilized to help people prepare for A Scripture reading. Focus on the character and/or attributes of God.

. surrender. Huzie reads 145:4-11 and Suzette reads 145:12-20 3 Steve prays and asks God to help us 8 Suzette leads in “I Stand in Awe” (soft & easy) 64-G worship Him for His greatness 96-Em 4 Brenna leads in “Awesome God” . everyone standing during I Stand In Awe Brenna will ask everyone to kneel before God (respecting His greatness) as she prays a prayer of humility and worship to our Father in conclusion.testimony of God’s greatness 2 Jim reads Psalm145:1-3 and calls us to worship God for His greatness 6 and the Hymn: Our Great Savior 32-D 7 as the music quiets. Hymns.I’m “Forever Grateful” (adoration time) 48-G 42-Em/D5 right into “We Believe” .” the team reads 145:21 Appropriate Responses: excitement. 1 Liz . Scriptures. How Will We Close? . hands raised. clapping.must be able to state it simply) Scripture(s) to Read: Psalm 145:1-21 ___________________ Possible Order of Songs.Worship Training Guide ..2 1/2 x 1 0 after “adoration time. etc.2x 9 ..page 21 CHI ALPHA CAMPUS MINISTRIES SAMPLE WORSHIP PLAN Location: Who will lead? Student Ctr Date: Today The Holy Spirit and Brenna Liz Jim Suzette ______ Huzie Steve ______ ______ Sound? Others on the Team: Who Does Overheads? Jim not needed Worship Theme: Join us in worshiping God for His Greatness (or attribute of God. or specific call to worship.. fervent singing. intimate worship.

must be able to state it simply) Scripture(s) to Read: ____________________ ____________________ ___________________ ___________________ Possible Order of Songs.. Hymns..Worship Training Guide . 1__________________________ 2__________________________ 3__________________________ 4__________________________ 5__________________________ 6____________________________ 7____________________________ 8____________________________ 9 ___________________________ 10___________________________ Appropriate Responses: How Will We Close? _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ . or specific call to worship.page 22 CHI ALPHA CAMPUS MINISTRIES SAMPLE WORSHIP PLAN Location: Who will lead? ___________________ ___________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ Date: _______________ Others on the Team: ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ Who Does Overheads? ____________________ Sound?__________________ Worship Theme: __________________________________________________ (or attribute of God. etc. Scriptures.

etc.. or specific call to worship..Worship Training Guide .page 23 CHI ALPHA CAMPUS MINISTRIES SAMPLE WORSHIP PLAN Location: Who will lead? ___________________ ___________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ Date: _______________ Others on the Team: ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ Who Does Overheads? ____________________ Sound?__________________ Worship Theme: __________________________________________________ (or attribute of God. Hymns. 1__________________________ 2__________________________ 3__________________________ 4__________________________ 5__________________________ 6____________________________ 7____________________________ 8____________________________ 9 ___________________________ 10___________________________ Appropriate Responses: How Will We Close? _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ .must be able to state it simply) Scripture(s) to Read: ____________________ ____________________ ___________________ ___________________ Possible Order of Songs. Scriptures.

. “To personally see God and respond to Him as God. Responsibilities.use board to write plans.” IV. 2 Scriptures.set the pace and an example.. Requirements. or put sample plans on poster board and tape to the wall for viewing.” Review group worship plans .. B. Use the theme “God is Holy. B.. extra planning forms. Instructor: arrive 45 minutes early to set up room.. Class and instructor introductions Make Sure Everyone has a Guide and a Pen 1. tape player and worship tape.call to worship.repeat the II. Review Table of Contents 2.. 4:45 Close with 15 minutes of Prayer from Psalm 145 . The Biblical Mandate to Worship (lecture/discussion) LUNCH . & Schedule A. Needs: extra Guides. 10:30 11:00 11:30 12:15 pm 1:15 2:00 III. songbooks.teamwork. Hand out Song Sheet B. Lead. arrange materials.work together Practice schedule. exercise during the meal. D. Hand out Blank Worship Plan 2. and 5 songs.) Group Exercise: get in groups of 3 and put together a worship plan using a call to worship. above) Worship . read through the material in the Worship Training Guide and jot down impressions and reflections in the margin of the Guide.. VII.C. lead. V.... Note the song resources on page 25.components of the plan.. Review contents of Guide and Today’s Schedule 1.watching and learning from gifted leaders. How to Lead Worship (lecture/discussion) and Building a Team Listen to Vineyard Music tape for evidence of “allowing a song to grow and breathe. Use the theme: “God is Great and Worthy of Praise.. D...Worship Training Guide ..page 24 CHI ALPHA CAMPUS MINISTRIES WORSHIP SEMINAR SCHEDULE Student Pre-seminar work: Before attending. chalk/markers.use of people. 10:15 II. lead. Review Worship Plans (see II.A Way of Life (lecture/discussion) How Do We Worship? (lecture/discussion) 2:45 3:00 4:00 Break VI. 10:00 am I. and pray for the seminar participants. C.” Review sample worship plan on p 21 (goal. Purpose of a Worship Experience A.. Welcome and overview of the Day (have on the board) A...” Discuss Team Work.

More Power I Lift My Eyes Up Arms of Love I Believe in Jesus No Other Gods Sing Unto the Lord You Are My All in All Glorify Light the Fire This is the Day I Waited for the Lord I Worship You Almighty God Lord. I Stand in Awe Refiner’s Fire I Surrender Step by Step Take me Past Create in Me a Clean.page 25 Sample Listing of Songs For Group Exercise (This list is here to stimulate the brainstorming process of selecting songs for a sample worship plan.Worship Training Guide . Sing Unto the Lord He Is Jehovah Prince of Peace We Want to See Jesus Awesome God God of Grace & Glory Think About His Love Holy is the Lord D G D D Em G G D D G Em G Em Em G G G G D Em .. I Lift Your Name on High One Thing I Ask Holy and Anointed One Wounded Soldier I Will Celebrate Let Us Adore Bring Forth the Royal Robe He is Exalted Em D G D C Em G D Am/G D D G G G G G Em Am D G Be Glorified I’m Forever Grateful As The Deer The Steadfast Love God is Good Salvation Belongs 2.. Like a Shepherd Lead Us He Lives I Surrender All It is Well w/ My Soul Joy to The World Our Great Savior Rescue the Perishing Rock of Ages The Old Rugged Cross The Solid Rock Victory in Jesus Choruses More Love... Feel free to use other songs that you know) Hymns All Hail The Power A Mighty Fortress is Our God Amazing Grace Blessed Assurance Crown Him with Many Crowns Doxology Fairest Lord Jesus Great is Thy Faithfulness He Brought Me Out Have Thine Own Way. Lord Savior.

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