Katia Good morning to all on behalf of our company I am pleased to write to you and give a warm welcome to our facilities the area of finance. We are delighted that he has passed the test and decided to carry out their work in our company. Please be informed that everyone in the company plays a different role, so it will be very favorable for us to see you there, you are a human being as skilled and versatile. Anyway, thank you approaching my office half an hour before recess to clarify some details and give it no less important to know how we work. Feel you in confidence, since employees work as a unit, supporting each other, and has never seen cases of individualism. I give you welcome again, emphasizing that in case you have any questions make it without any doubt that everyone here will be willing to help.

KATIA: Miss fiorella thank you very much for the welcome. I feel proud of the words given to me, do not worry I'll post my best to always work and always be humble like the other workers and thanks for the recognition given and any consultation informs you thanks

FIORELLA: Okay Miss katia leave it on your first day of work in the area of finance and do not doubt their great performance in the company very well miss see you in the afternoon. Luck

KATIA: thank you very much bye

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