Elizabeth Fry Yukon


Oct. 6th 7pm-9pm

Beringia Centre, panel discussion with all speakers

Oct. 7th 9am-4:30pm

Long House Room, Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre, conference

Kim Pate is the Executive Director of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth

Fry Societies and a part-time professor in the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law. The societies provide support and advocacy for women who are currently or who have been in prison. She also works with scholars, sociologists, front-line workers and others on the broader issues facing women in the correctional system. In 2003, Kim Pate received Dalhousie Law School’s Weldon Award for Unselfish Public Service, and in 2009, she received the Canadian Bar Association’s Touchstone Award for furthering equality in the legal community in Canada.

is the author of Solitary Confinement: Social Death and its Afterlives (Minnesota University Press, 2013). In this profoundly important and original book, Lisa Guenther examines the death-in-life experience of solitary confinement in America from the early nineteenth century to today’s supermax prisons. Documenting how solitary confinement undermines prisoners’ sense of identity and their ability to understand the world, Guenther demonstrates the real effects of forcibly isolating a person for weeks, months, or years.

Lisa Guenther

Elizabeth Sheehy is a University of Ottawa professor who, for

nearly three decades, has relentlessly focused on one broad subject: the interaction between women and the law. She designed and taught the first Canadian law school course on women and the legal profession in 1985. Her research helped shape laws on sexual assault and violence against women. Her advocacy forced the federal government to rethink how it deals with women who kill abusive males.

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