Despite the so-called sequestration exercise announced by the US chief executive, known as baraq ubama, the US military is busily

and furiously embarking on many spanking new weapons projects. These new projects include massive military satellite observation systems, new interceptor missiles, new space planes, more stealth attack submarines and a new long-range strategic strike bomber. Recently, or just mere days ago, the US Pentagon confirmed that it was going full steam ahead with two new projects, the XS-1 civilian-military rocket plane and the LRSS bomber or the china bomber. The White House and the Treasury are expected to foot the bill for these brand new ambitious projects by borrowing from the PRC and others if necessary. The future LRSS long-range strike bomber is deemed absolutely necessary to accomodate the security demands of the US nation besides the vital but trouble-ridden F-35 stealth fighter attack jet. The US Pentagon reckons that it will need 100 of the new bombers in order to overcome the ‘A2-AD’ strategy possessed by China. Huge numbers of the planes are needed to spread out their attack missions to enable them to penetrate highly protected Chinese airspace at widely separated ‘entry points’ thus allowing the planes to confidently bypass the stout Chinese A2-AD pickets. The new bombers are expected to roll off the assembly line by the 2020s.

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