By: Naghman Zuberi

The finish lines should completely be reproduced over the models and dies in order to have a marginal accuracy of the restoration Naghman Zuberi 2 .Why?   Gingival tissue Retraction is an Integral Part of Tissue management Prior to Impression Registering for Fixed Prosthesis.

Chemical 3. Mechanical 2. Surgical Naghman Zuberi 3 .    There are various methods of Tissue Retraction and management in dentistry: 1. Mechanical.

Mostly Used with Impression Compound Type II Brown Sticks). Cords Strings or Unwaxed Floss Copper Ring Impression Technique Naghman Zuberi 4 .Mechanical Methods    Rubber Dam (Oldest Method of Displacing the Gingival Tissue) Copper band and Tube Method (Used in Single Tooth Impression Technique.

Mechanical.Chemical Method  Cords Impregnated in Retraction Solutions:      Epinephrine Al Cl Sol 15% and 25% Ferric Sulphate 13.3% Zn Cl Sol 8% and 40% Tannic Acid 20% to 40% Naghman Zuberi 5 .

Requirements of a Retraction Solution Naghman Zuberi 6 .

Surgical or Electrocautery Naghman Zuberi 7 .

Surgical or Electrosurgery Naghman Zuberi 8 .

Problems associated with Tissue Retraction Naghman Zuberi 9 .

Remember Naghman Zuberi 10 .

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