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Do Now 9/19/13

1. Identify the independent and dependent variable in the following question.  What happens to a person’s heart rate as that person increases his or her activity level?
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Independent variable? Dependent variable?

2. If a person counts 10 beats in 10 seconds. What is their heart rate? Show your work!

Learning Goal

Conduct a scientific investigations to answer questions about the physical world.

Success Criteria
Students will be able to:  Identify the independent and dependent variable in the experiment.  Organize your data in a bar graph.  Analyze and interpret your data.

5) Bar Graph Average Heart Rate
100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Resting

Heart Rate (bpm) (Dependent Variable)


Standing Running Activity Level (Independent Variable)

Steps in Bar Graph Construction 1


4. 5.

Examine the your heart rate averages and determine the highest value for the y-axis. Your yscale must be at least as high as the highest number you are plotting. Choose an appropriate scale for the y-axis (for example have 10 beats equal 2 squares). Mark scale ticks consistently & label them. Mark of the bar width of each group (resting, walking, and running) you will be using on the xaxis.


Steps in Bar Graph Construction 2


9. 10. 11.

Make sure you place a space between each of the data bars. Plot each data point by drawing a bar of the correct width & height for each. Label the top of each bar with a value. Label both x- and y-axes with a title. Write a title for your graph.


Sample Data
Name Student 1 Student 2 Student 3 Student 4 Student 5 Average Resting Standing Running 66 65 63 60 68 72 74 73 71 72 89 95 99 98 97

6) Analysis of Data (page 5)
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What pattern do you notice when you look at your data table and graph? Does your data support your hypothesis?

100 90 80 Heart Rate (bpm) (Dependent Variable) 70 60

95.3 72.5 63.5

40 30 20 10 0 Resting Standing Activity Level (Independent Variable) Running


Practice: Writing Hypotheses

Write a testable, observable, IF/THEN hypothesis for each of the following questions. How does the noise level in the classroom affect student learning?



How does sunlight affect the rate at which plants grow?


How does the size of a piece of metal affect how fast the metal heats up?

Exit Slip 9/19/2013
Complete three of the statements below as they relate to the heart rate lab:  I discovered...  I learned...  I never knew...  I was surprised...  I enjoyed..