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Direction for Question : Answer the question on the basis of the information given below. Production department of a multinational company houses seven typists where all of them are working on a project. The given tables describe their performance over the four days of the project, one for each day. In each table, the number against a typist reflect the percentage of total lines typed in that day by the top four typists of the day whereas the last column denote the number of lines typed by the remaining typists in that day. No two typists type the same number of lines on a given day. A typist may not type even a single line on a given day. HR also computed two parameters for each typist: Performance Variance (PV) of a typist is the positive difference between the sum of the maximum and minimum number of lines typed across 4 days and the sum of the lines typed on the remaining two days. Sigma of a typist is the mean of the two middle quantities, if his number of lines typed across 4 days is arranged in non-decreasing order.


Given that the sigma for all typists is an integer, for how many of them is it not possible to calculate the exact value of sigma? Correct Option is: "e"


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