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Jessica Scanlon MODULE 2 Using technology in a safe, legal, and ethical manner

Answer Sheet
DIGITAL NATIVES  Read to learn more about the war between digital immigrants & digital natives.  Answer the following prompt after reading the article.  I wonder how we, as teachers can help students who are digital natives get the opportunity to use the technology that they are so comfortable with. So many of our students love technology and are extremely comfortable with it, but do not have these resources available to them at home. I know that there are so many different things that we could do to communicate with parents and so many different at-home technology lessons that we could do if only all students had the resources available to them. I wonder how we can make sure that all students are on the same page and can continue to learn as digital natives should.  Paste your response here in Edmodo Module 2.  Reply to at least one other classmate’s post.

Plagiarism & Copyright
ACTIVITY: Plagiarism & copyright  Read through the lesson & hit next at the end of each page.  Take the quiz at the end. Take a screen clipping of your quiz results. (Insert>screenshot>screen clipping or hit printscreen on your keyboard and paste in Word)

Copyright & Fair Use in Education
ACTIVITY:  Take Edmodo quiz on copyright.  Use the following links to find the answers to the quiz. o Click for information on copyright in education


GO through http://digitalpassport.orgCreative Credit: Mix n Mash to learn ways to teach copyright to younger students.  Use articles to further students understanding. DISCUSSION ACTIVITY:  Prompt: What techniques could you use to teach your students about copyright laws? o Respond here & paste in Edmodo Module 2 discussion post.  Follow the rubric for discussion posts.  I learned a lot from exploring this website. I didn't start hearing much about digital copyright laws until I was in high school and college, because this was when technology started to take off in education. Since I learned about it at such a late age in my life, I haven't given a lot of thought into teaching specific lessons to my elementary students. This website gave me a lot of ideas about what is important to teach to younger students, and ideas for how to go about teaching these lessons. One thing that I would like to use would be the student workbook. I liked how the pages went through different scenarios and gave the students an opportunity to respond. Another way I would teach this topic to my fourth and fifth graders would be to show them some of the video links from Schooltube. I liked how there are students talking about different scenarios in these videos. I think that this would help my students to relate and make connections. After watching a video, I would have my students write a response about what they saw and what they learned from it. o Reply to one other student using techniques learned in module 1. 

CREATIVE COMMONS ACTIVITY:  Find a picture you have taken or take a new picture  Go to the creative commons website.  Fill out the information in each box  Copy the license and paste below as show in the example. Insert a Picture that you have taken HERE Copy your creative commons license here.

Diesel by Jessica Scanlon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercialNoDerivs 3.0 United States License

Sample License

Ice Cream Cake by Kelly Bratcher is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.

ACTIVITY:  Find other images online that you are free to use. http://search.creative http://compfight.c http://www.zooom/ tivecommons/

Attribution Attribution Attribution2.0 NonComme Generic (CC BY NonComm rcial 2.0 2.0) ercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0) Generic (CC
BY-NC 2.0)

AttributionShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA