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Jessica Scanlon ONLINE LESSON

Multiplication Break Apart Strategy
Grade: 4 th grade/Subject: Math Standards: 4.NBT.5 – Multiply a whole number of up to four digits by a one digit whole number, and multiply two two-digit numbers, using strategies based on place value and the properties of operations. Illustrate and explain the calculation by using equations, rectangular arrays, and/or area. OVERVIEW: In this lesson, students will learn a new strategy to help them multiply a two digit number by a one digit number. Students will learn how to break-apart the multiplication equation so that it is easier to solve. The equation will break down into multiple equations that are easily solved, and then added together. In this lesson, students will watch a lesson describing the instructions on how to use this strategy. Students will then watch a video that shows additional information about how to use the break-apart multiplication strategy. Finally, I will review the strategy with the students. After the students watch the screencast, I will have them go to a website to practice playing a game to review some basic problems that they can break apart. Students practice this strategy using smaller numbers. After this, they will be required to complete some problems on their own to show what they have learned. LESSON OBJECTIVE: Students will be able to multiply a number with up to two digits by a one digit number using the break-apart strategy. INSTRUCTIONS: List the instructions that the student should follow. (Be sure to include links to videos, assignments, resources, etc.) 1. Watch the screencast lesson. 2. Practice some multiplication facts by playing this interactive game. Practice 2-3 sets of problems. 3. Copy the problems from this link in your math notebook and solve them using the break-apart strategy. If you need additional help, you can watch this video. Turn in your assignment to me for a grade. Standard TF-III A. 3: Use
methods and strategies for teaching concepts and skills that support integration of research tools.

Explanation as to how you met this standard I used two videos that I found when researching my topic. I got the idea for this lesson


TF-III A. 4: Use ntent/Ongoing_143H_Analytical_AppliedSciences_Ma

methods and strategies for teaching concepts and skills that support integration of problem solving/ decision-making tools.

from the JCPS curriculum map for fourth grade.

th/_assoc/9F27EA96F6D94F1D9D7A345260E0697 B/4th_Grade_Cycle1_Curriculum_Map_2013-14.pdf

TF-III A. 7: Use
methods for teaching concepts and skills that support use of web-based and non web-based delivery tools.

I linked my screencast and lesson plan to my Weebly website for the students to access. My resources that support different levels of learners are the linked videos, interactive website, and written assignment.

TF-III B. 1: Use
methods and strategies for integrating technology resources that support the needs of diverse learners including adaptive or assistive technology. interactive game worksheet.docx

TF-III C. 1: Use
methods and facilitate strategies for teaching problem-solving principles and skills using technology resources.

I taught the problem http://screencast-osolving strategy of breaking apart a multiplication problem. I created a screencast of my http://screencast-olesson.

TF-V C. 2: Include
video and images in your presentation